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Understanding the connotation and significance of green illumination

Jul 27, 2017

Whether it is initiated in the United States "Green Lighting Program", or China's "Green Lighting project Implementation Plan", has its clear purpose and objectives, with rich connotations. To implement the Green lighting project in our country and achieve the desired goal, we must make the lighting engineering design, scientific research, production and maintenance professionals, various industries, regions, enterprises and institutions of the managers, the green lighting project has a more comprehensive understanding and correct understanding, understand that it is a comprehensive system engineering, need to take policy and technical measures from many aspects, in order to work together, the understanding of the problem of simplification, or one-sided understanding, are harmful. I think we need to have a correct understanding of the following issues.

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1. Green Lighting Engineering requires that people should not simply think of energy saving, but from a higher level to understand, to improve energy conservation, environmental protection, high treatment, this is more extensive, more far-reaching electricity in some areas, some units may think that the power supply is not so tense, lighting energy saving is not so important, this simple understanding, is not from the height of environmental protection to understand energy saving, because the green lighting project's purpose is not just a question of economic efficiency, And more mainly focus on the use of resources and environmental protection of the Villa project. Through lighting power saving, thereby reducing the power generation, that is, reducing the amount of coal combustion (at present, more than 70% of China's electricity generation or coal-fired) to reduce the emissions of S02, C02 and nitrogen and other harmful gases, the world is facing environmental and development issues, have far-reaching significance.

2. Green lighting projects require lighting energy conservation, is not entirely the traditional meaning of energy-saving, which in our "Green Lighting project Implementation Program" in the purpose of the proposed clear description, is to meet the lighting quality and visual environmental conditions of higher requirements, so can not rely on reducing the lighting standards to achieve energy conservation, but to fully use modern scientific and technological means to improve the level of lighting engineering design and square tears, improve the efficiency of lighting equipment to achieve.

3. The implementation of green lighting projects, can not be simply understood as the provision of efficient energy-saving lighting equipment, efficient equipment is a heavy play of the material base, but also should be correct and reasonable lighting engineering design. Design is to control the overall situation, to the implementation of green lighting requirements play a decisive role; In addition, the operation and maintenance management also has a lot of neglected role, without this factor, lighting energy saving implementation is not complete.


4. High-efficiency lighting equipment is an important basis for energy-saving lighting, but lighting equipment is not just light source, light source is the first factor, already for people to understand, but not * *, Lamps and electrical accessories (such as ballast) efficiency, the impact on lighting energy is not negligible, this is often not the attention of people, such as a diffuse hood of the luminaire, or a grille with a straight tubular fluorescent lamp, efficient and high-quality products than the efficiency of low quality products can be higher than 50% and even * * *, showing its energy-saving effect.

5. High-efficiency light source is the primary factor of lighting energy saving, so we must attach importance to the application of efficient light source. But someone put the promotion of efficient light source simply understood as the promotion of energy-saving lamps (and here the energy-saving lamp is specifically compact fluorescent lamp), which is very incomplete, very harmful, because there are many types of light source, there are many highly efficient people should be promoted. In terms of energy conversion efficiency, there is a light effect equivalent to a compact fluorescent lamp, there is a higher light efficiency than its (such as high-pressure nano-lamp, metal halide lamp), these efficient light source has its own characteristics and advantages, each has its suitable place, is not simply a kind of energy-saving light source can be replaced. At least three kinds of high-efficiency light sources should be popularized according to the different application conditions.

The first category is high pressure lamps, metal halide lamps for the representative of High-intensity Gas Discharge lamps (HID), suitable for large industrial plants, stadiums, roads, squares, outdoor workplaces and so on. This kind of place is wide, uses the light source to be many (according to the light source total power meter is more obvious), the energy saving effect * is remarkable.

The second type is the direct tube fluorescent lamp (with the T8 type fluorescent lamp as the promotion key) mainly, applies in the low indoor place, such as the office building, the classroom, the library, the shopping malls, as well as the height in 4.5m of production places (such as instrumentation, electronics, textiles, cigarettes, etc.

The third category is to compact fluorescent lamps (including "H" type, "U" type, "D" type, ring, etc.), instead of incandescent lamps, suitable for home homes, hotels, restaurants, halls, corridors and other places.

Obviously, the second type of lamp can not be used in the first type of place, it is not suitable for the second kind of place to promote, it must be clearly recognized that the above three types of light source should be actively promoted, but the first to second category of places more large, energy-saving potential, more important and can not be ignored Some people only emphasize compact fluorescent lamps. To exaggerate him to an inappropriate degree, or even make a very wrong estimate; it is proposed that the annual output of incandescent lamps in China be replaced by scores as compact fluorescent lamp, and then compared with the power consumption of the lamp, the conclusion that the annual saving energy reaches 30 billion, 50 billion or even 70 billion-kilowatt hours is calculated. This kind of seemingly scientific calculation, is on the wrong assumption base. The conclusion of this kind of fallacy will lead to serious misleading, it seems that as long as the production and application of compact fluorescent lamp, can achieve the goal of green lighting engineering in China, which put a complex comprehensive systems engineering simplified, vulgar.

Three. Develop and popularize high efficiency and high quality lighting equipment

1. Light source is the primary factor of energy saving, and the light source and energy saving depend on his luminous efficiency, but the light source is not a * * factor, if a high light efficiency of the light source, its other performance is not good, will affect even without cowardice to play its energy-saving effect. These performance mainly has the color index, the service life, the starting point performance, the dimming performance and so on, for example: the low pressure light efficiency is far higher than other high efficiency light source, but because his color index is too low, so that in many places can not be used, only can be applied to the highway.

In the first type of place, that is, large industrial buildings, outdoor venues, mainly to promote metal halide lamps and high-pressure nano-lamps, the former with its superior color and color index, to obtain more applications, while the latter with higher light efficiency and longer life expectancy of the popular, especially in the outdoor (roads, squares, etc.) occupy the advantages, and in the households, because the color index is too low, and subject to great restrictions, color improvement of the high pressure nano-lamp, because the color index greatly improved, and has been widely used. In this kind of place, used in the past fluorescent high-pressure to light, because of its light efficiency is not high, other performance is not good, should not be used again, is still in use should be gradually transformed; As for the flow from the town fluorescent high-pressure to light, should not be used again.

In the second category, we should actively promote the use of fluorescent tubes, at present, the main task is to use the T8 lamp (diameter 26mm) to replace the T12 tube (38mm), whether it is light efficiency and longevity, T8 tube is much better than the T12 tube, should be unconditionally applied, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries, T12 lamp has been rarely used, and even tend Unfortunately, our country still has a large number of T12 tubes in operation, and even new buildings, but also the design and use of T12 lamp, visible green lighting project implementation still need to do a lot of hard work.


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