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Design Romantic Comfort Master bedroom five aspects you need to consider

Jul 27, 2017

Simple and elegant bedroom design

The master bedroom is not only a place for sleep and rest, but also a space with privacy. Therefore, the master bedroom design must be based on the owner's age, personality, hobbies, consider the tranquil and stable or romantic comfort of the atmosphere, to create a completely personal warm environment. Design Master bedroom, need to consider five aspects.

1 bedroom floor should have the warmth, generally should use neutral or warm tone, the material has floor carpet and so on.

2 The shape of the ceiling, color is one of the focus of the bedroom decoration design, generally to concise, elegant, warm series for the warmth of good.

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3 color should be unified, harmony, elegant, appropriate to the local color collocation should be prudent, stable tone is more popular, such as the green system lively and vibrant, pink is cheerful and mellow, blue is cool and romantic, gray-tone or tan system elegant, yellow is full of warm atmosphere.

4 bedroom lighting to warm the color of the yellow as the keynote, the head of the bed can be inserted on the top of the tube lamp or wall lamp, can also be embedded in the decorative cabinet lamp, so that the room more romantic and comfortable warmth.

5 bedroom with bathroom, you can arrange the dressing area in the bathroom. Bedroom curtains should be designed to be a yarn of a curtain, make the interior environment more emotional

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