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Play home lighting Rubik's Cube-from the world lighting expert Philips Home lighting Strategy

Jul 28, 2017

Living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, study, corridor, as a modern Family decoration design six nodes, constitute the modern home life six cube. Red Orange Green, Fangyuan triangle, different color ratio, meticulous material carving, every corner of the master's artistic accomplishment and aesthetic appeal. Home is the soul of the canvas, decorate the moment everyone will not stand idly by, would save up from childhood on the "house" passion shelved.

But as the painting has ink left white, song has a clear chant high. When we visited the colourful color dance in the newly renovated room, did you notice the light that was hidden behind it? Good lighting design and light source not only provide good lighting effect, but also the art of creating atmosphere. Lighting Design Rubik's Cube is also like Beethoven's "pastoral", there is the harvest when the light of the Allegro, also like a stream of light flowing through the plate. After one days of running, let the mood rest in this harmonious harbor of light and shadow, reading, watching TV, chatting, ubiquitous and accuracy ray spectrum into a different set of priorities. So how many secrets of command light are hidden behind this suite?

Living room Lighting-Multi Symphony

led grow plant lights.jpg

The living room is always a family story * Multiple deductive sites, as the backbone of family activities, it needs to assume the role of multi-functional center. So the main point of the living room lighting design is to fully consider its diversity of the use of functions, as well as the living room area is large, the volume is relatively large and so on, the number of light source will be more.

World lighting expert Philips suggested that in the living room lighting program design, you can choose light and soft, no glare, power also larger products, maintain enough brightness. When the television has become the center of the living room today, but also should consider the use of color-high lighting products, so that the accurate lighting choice will not waste a trace of the wonderful program. In addition, it is recommended to use a programmable design scheme, when the living room to play a certain part of the specific function, the use of the corresponding lighting combination. In this way, it can accurately foil the atmosphere, a variety of occasions and lighting to complement each other, but also fully consider energy-saving, improve the use of lighting efficiency.

Kitchen Lighting-Living music

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In the metaphor of life, the kitchen has always been the reputation of the "pots and pans" sonata. And how to make this song a pleasure, the first to ensure that there is enough brightness, especially in the operating area can not have shadow and glare, which is related to you in the sway of the knife work, will not hurt the finger. At the same time, the kitchen often need to fry cooking, lampblack and other things naturally is unavoidable, so in the selection of lamps, but also to choose a good sealing, easy to clean and corrosion-resistant products.

Restaurant Lighting-"Color fragrance" Reverb

The restaurant's vocation is to create a good dining environment, and the "color fragrance" of the food standard in the headlines is the color of food. To make the protagonist have a good expression, the choice of lighting is particularly important. At this point, the color of the high light will become your * *. World lighting expert Philips suggested: three primary colors TLE80 lamp, because the use of red, green, blue as the keynote of the "optical palette", can bring the restaurant * close to the sun color, is the future direction of the development of restaurant lighting.

And in the selection of lamps, lighting designers suggest that the cost of allowing the premise of more consideration and restaurant furniture color, style harmony products. Let light and color mix as one, dining and exchange enjoyable.

Bedroom Lighting-four hand-linked play warm Nocturne

The bedroom is own private space, it carries the people not to modify the true feelings. Therefore, in the lighting design: Experts suggest that the light is soft, adjustable, noise-free, etc. become the basic factor to be considered. Soft light is to create a soothing environment for mental stress relief. Can regulate is lets the people laugh, the communication all has the flawless light and shade to be the background.


And with the bedroom decoration style tend to personalized, diversified, lighting choice also with the times. Bedroom * Common ceiling lighting is gradually out of the pattern of pure white eminence, bright color, Phnom Penh, Silver edge, such as decorative large increase in the lighting like four hands when the wonderful variation, and the tone of the room together to jump.

Study Lighting-lithe solo

The study is a family culture and the deep reflection of art, so, in the design of the study lighting program need to embody more imaginative. Practical pleading can make illumination become a powerful tool when you read a book, if the ocean of thought is not disturbed by visual fatigue. Artistic appeal is to and the study of the overall decoration style in tune with, and even become the study of absorbing attention to the light fulcrum.

The basic lighting part of the study: the general selection is the ceiling lamp, housed in the study Center. Light source recommended the use of color-strong and people long time to work is not easy to fatigue three-color lamp series. In the study of the key lighting part, lighting expert Philips recommends you use eye protection and energy-saving lamp series, in the hardware to fully protect the health of the eye.

car atmosphere light.jpg

Corridor Lighting-Fresh Overture

The corridor is a wonderful and colorful Rubik's Cube. World lighting expert Philips suggested: The basic principle of corridor lighting design is bright light, because in these areas, people need to move around constantly, so sufficient illumination and no shadow, is the important basis for choosing light source. When guests visit, the corridor lighting is to show the guests of the "first face", the warmth of the appropriate light to let both sides have a better exchange of feelings. The proper corridor lighting will be the first fresh overture for people to come home after the series of "music" sounded.

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