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Speed up the layout, Taiwan Enterprises actively optimistic about the microled market

Jul 28, 2017

Led in the field of the most hot one product is the microled! Taiwan enterprises follow the market hot, active layout of the microled market, and has made gratifying achievements!

In recent years, Taiwanese manufacturers have been actively seizing the microled future business craze, including the key 0 component PCB early input and development and related patent layout acceleration. 

Industry observation, microled terminal applications are not only limited to mobile phones, more new intelligent home appliances and high-definition display applications are also quite strong, focusing on the actual reduction of production costs, the speed of the introduction of commercial.

It is understood that, in addition to Apple, Samsung and Sony, Hon Hai Group currently layout 8K eco-circle is quite positive, as the engine to improve profitability, especially Hon Hai, sharp investment in the secondary generation of microled display technology also let the relevant patents and technology applications full of imagination space.

Micro-led can form two major application directions, one is the wearable market represented by Apple. (Apple specialises in microled's small-scale applications, and acquired a number of microled patented technologies in May 2014), and the other is a large size TV market, represented by Sony.

In addition to the big international companies we know such as Samsung Apple, Sony has already been microled, Taiwan Hon Hai Group and Sharp jointly invest in the second generation of display technology microled, also accelerate the patent layout.

Compared with the traditional display, microled is favored as a new generation of display technology, not only inherited the characteristics of LED, its advantages include low-power, high brightness, ultra-high resolution and color saturation, fast reaction, super power, long life, high efficiency and so on. In addition, a better material stability and no image branding is one of the advantages. So it's a promising future. But as far as the current development situation is concerned, technology is still in its infancy, and the supply chain that microled shows is complex and lengthy, each process critical, and effective management of every a aspects will be challenging.

In the market, in the wearing device, VR and other prototypes, microled within 1-2 years can be achieved, but advanced to 10 inches above the size of the field, fear still needs 3-5 years.

Mainland manufacturers such as Opto-electronics in one years ago began to layout microled, speed up research and development, competition for patents. Mainland manufacturers want to microled the distance in the future, more or more patent competition.