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Mega-shares led packaging and lighting business grow well

Jul 28, 2017

Siu Chi shares the original led? packaging and lighting business growth is good, planning the layout of LED wafer and chip production to improve the industrial chain. Siu Chi shares issued 17.5 annual performance revision notice, increase the performance forecast to year-on-year growth $number 40% $number 50% corresponding to the mother net profit of $number 3 100 million Yuan-3. 300 million yuan. Company LCD TVs, set-top boxes and other business growth trend of good, product and customer structure of continuous optimization, with effective cost control, the company's profitability has been improved.

Company transformation

Internet TV Ecological Circle molding, popular operating force to help the company transformation. Mega-Chi Shares in August 15 acquired a popular online 63% stake, combined with its own ODM manufacturing, the transformation to create a popular internet TV brand. And in November 16 through the increase in the introduction of strategic partners Oriental Pearl and Gome Consulting, intended to build content and channel advantages. 

At present, the company has perfected the "manufacturing + terminal + content + license + Channel + operation" of the whole ecosystem, and in January 17, launched the establishment of 5 billion yuan Cultural media industry investment fund, around the internet TV ecological operation to improve the layout with the popularity of the operation, the company's Internet TV ecological advantage will be highlighted, business model gradually clear, 17 is expected to contribute to performance.

Layout line under the full channel

BEIJING-East Cooperation first new products, layout line on-line under the full channel. The company continues to promote popular shopping malls, days, cats, Jingdong and other online channel construction, also planned in July 17 with the Beijing-East cooperation with the first new product to deepen the strategic cooperation between the two sides to promote the distribution of online channels.

Offline channel on the end of April 17, popular television has been laid 1. 50,000 distribution, 17 annual target completion of 20,000 outlets. We judge the future company will continue to promote online and offline channel development, to form a perfect all-round sales network.

Perfect industrial Chain

The original LED packaging and lighting business growth is good, planning and layout led wafer and chip production to improve the industrial chain. In 2011, the company began to dabble in the middle and downstream of the industry chain of packaging industry and application areas, the current business growth in good condition, 16 led business revenue reached 9. 600 million yuan, the year 17 is expected to achieve more than 30% growth. 

In addition, in June 2017, the company announced plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan-1.6 billion yuan to build led wafer and chip production projects, into the upstream chip production, to create a complete industrial chain to play a synergistic effect, the project is expected to be formally put into production after the company brought 6 billion yuan added value.