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LED makes LCD TVs thinner

Jul 28, 2017

The traditional LCD TV screen needs to be illuminated with a cold cathode lamp, which illuminates the LCD screen as a backlight. A straight-down backlight, it is directly under the liquid crystal glass, that is, the back, its light source needs to be mixed, the need to have a certain distance, limit the entire LCD TV thickness, that when the LED appears, now can be used in the form of side-by-side light to illuminate the LCD screen. So from the actual use of the time can play the entire LCD TV thickness, can do more and more thin.

With LED side light backlight technology, backlight has become a luminous thin, it is close to the liquid crystal display light, making the television and other electronic products overall thinning possible. Backlight technology is the point of light source and line light source, through our two optical design, it turned into a uniform surface light source, the infinite wisdom of scientific and technological personnel, so that led from the point of light source into a surface light source has become a reality, this led is equivalent to a point light source, is a small LED light, because it emits light is very narrow, point light can only illuminate a small, very small part, so we must first arrange it into a line, let it become a line light source. Take out an optical grade Plexiglass board, this is no treatment of the board, it can only glow on the surface of plexiglass, but this is not meet the requirements, the entire glass surface is black, has not been processed. In order for this light to become a surface light point, we should do a lot of design on the guide plate, this step is very important. 

This transparent light guide plate seems simple, but in fact, there is a very complex optical design, the technical staff on the top of the way to produce some of the uneven small spots, is seen in their tiny, it is the point light source and the line light source into the uniform surface of the core technology. Single-led chips in a linear manner, arranged on the side of the guide plate, they emit light on the guide plate on the obstruction of multiple bump points, it is like a high-speed car, hit the road ditch, will be up and sway the same, the light encountered a certain obstacle, the direction of the light will occur some changes, resulting in multiple reflection and refraction. The use of light guide plate has been successfully converted into a surface light source, but still can not reach the uniform brightness of the LCD screen, so we should also add the corresponding optical diaphragm to make its surface become very uniform, the entire guide plate issued a magical, soft, uniform surface light.