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Lighting giant Osram, and push the new infrared LED

Jul 28, 2017

Osram LED lighting industry giants, has been committed to research and development led better use, more technology products. It has already laid out infrared products (IR LED), and recently in the high-power infrared product line has a new breakthrough!

The new SFH 4703AS infrared emitter emits a wavelength of 810 nm. The new infrared LED enhances the image contrast, may enhance the monitoring and the image sensing system performance, for example applies in the license plate identification, regardless of day night, the recognition degree is very high. In addition, because the image sensor is more sensitive, compared with the wavelength of 850 nm infrared LED camera, in the LED lamp lumen output unchanged, can see a larger range.

High image contrast facilitates analysis

led panle light.jpg

Cameras or cameras that generally use 850 nm and 940 nm infrared LEDs are often not able to produce high-contrast images when certain colors are identified. Osram's SFH 4703AS infrared LED has improved this shortcoming, so it is especially suitable for applications that require an excellent image contrast, such as an automatic license plate identification system installed at a toll station or car park entrance. Because this infrared LED enhances the image contrast, lets the system identify the license plate more quickly accurate, reduces the driving wait time. In addition, this product can also be used in traffic monitoring system and CCTV surveillance system CCTV. 

The same optical output line-of-sight is larger

Another advantage of a new type of infrared LED is high spectral sensitivity. When using the same lumen output light source, the 810 NM infrared LED is far more than the traditional 850 nm or 940 nm sensors. The new infrared LED can be designed to reduce the number of components if the distance is maintained. However, it must be noted that the average person sees infrared light as a mild red light source, while 810 NM is more powerful than the 850 nm.

What is the new IR LED optics?

Osram has launched a 810 NM infra-red LED for the operation of the iris transducer. The launch of the SFH 4703AS using nano-stack technology, high efficiency chips, stacked in the Oslon lighting packaging products. In a ampere current, this transmitter can produce a watts of optical power, and positive and negative 45 degrees of emission angle to provide a wider range of illumination, in a ampere current, the radiation intensity of 630 watts per spherical (MW/SR). The size of the product is 3. $number x 3.85 mm, with a lens height of 2.29 mm.

After joining this new product, Osram currently has three kinds of compatible, wavelength of different infrared LED. These products can be combined in a single illumination device or used to alter the spectrum range of an existing system without the need to redesign the specification (PIN to pin).

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