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Will laser lighting replace LED lighting in the future?

Jul 28, 2017

December 13, 2016, Shenzhen City, China Light Industrial Technology Research Institute and the two laser lighting laboratory in Shenzhen Nanshan District officially opened. This is a company engaged in laser lighting and other industrial technology research, committed to technology industrialization of private non-enterprise units. Shenzhen vigorously develop laser lighting, whether it indicates that the future can replace LED lighting?

The national "thousand people plan" expert, the Shenzhen City Light Industry Technology Research Institute Dean Li Yu through the matchmaking, will the village repair two laser illumination laboratory to the Shenzhen to settle, means Shenzhen in the laser illumination domain ranks the world forefront to take the substantive step.

Will laser lighting replace LED lighting in the future?

Laser illumination will replace LED

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In the eyes of many experts, laser lighting will be the next tuyere in the lighting industry. "The father of Blue light" Nakamura two has publicly said: The next 10 years, laser lighting will replace LED lighting.

The efficiency of laser illumination is thousands of times the LED, not only increases the projection distance, enhances the security, simultaneously its smaller size, the structure is more compact. In addition to the field of lighting, laser display in the projector, digital courtyard line, television, stage lights, large-screen stitching, automotive and other fields, will have a wide range of applications.

It is one of the original intention of the laboratory to industrialize the scientific research results and make it produce economic value and social value. The decision to introduce the Chinese village professors and their team, value not only it has the top scientific research ability, but also outstanding technology transformation ability.

"Professor Nakamura has long been in business, leading the development of enterprise technology, but also founded its own company." He has a personal experience in the application and industrialization of science and technology. This kind of research and practice background is appreciated by the city government and the partners. Li Yu said, although laser lighting is still in the embryonic stage of technology, the industry chain is not mature, technology still faces many problems. But the frontier science and Technology produced in the village laboratory, which is used in Shenzhen's important semiconductor industry, "will have a huge industrial effect."

Will laser lighting replace LED lighting in the future?

The lab will be the "brain".

To promote the industrialization of laser lighting cut into the mouth, will be locked in the car lighting headlamps. "Halogen lamp is very energy-consuming, LED light brightness is not ideal, both energy-saving and brightness of the laser will be the best choice." Li Yu said that once the laser production cost reduction, laser headlamps will quickly dominate the automotive lighting market.

The establishment of the Chinese Village Laboratory will accelerate the incubation of a new generation of lighting technology industry represented by laser illumination in Shenzhen, and Shenzhen is expected to become the pioneer in the field of international laser lighting.

The core team of the two laser lighting laboratory is led by Professor Nakamura himself, and is equipped with many scientific research backbone, including American National Engineering Institute (NAE) academician , from Silicon Valley and other places, and attracts a large number of local high-end research and development personnel to join, forming a powerful international research and development team. The laboratory and the United States, Britain, Russia, Japan and other countries and regions of universities, scientific research institutions to establish a wide range of cooperative relations.

Li Yu revealed that the next 3-5 years, the Institute (laboratory) plans to introduce 50 to 100 optical, electronic, material, physical, mechanical design, precision manufacturing and other disciplines in the field of professional personnel and supporting personnel to protect the project research and development of human resources supply, at the same time to do a good job of industrial personnel reserves and

"Extensive absorption, the introduction of cutting-edge talent, the laboratory to build the international influence of high-end research and development personnel training base and technical research base, the promotion of laser lighting and other industrial technology applications and development and cooperation, and thus for the Shenzhen laser lighting industry to provide intellectual support. Li Yu describes the vision of the lab.

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