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How much do you know about switches in smart lighting?

Jul 29, 2017

At present, in the home switch market, the trend is towards high-grade (including materials and designs), multi-function and intelligent development. In the high-end, the major manufacturers (such as: Matsumoto electrician, tcl**, beauty and so on) have done quite well, the focus of market competition has shifted to versatility and intelligence, and as far as existing technologies are concerned, all electronic switches that are being developed or have been developed and listed for the control of household Electric light appliances include remote control switches and automatic intelligent switch products, both SCR and relays as switching devices.

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SCR Anti-interference and overload resistance is very poor, not suitable for the control of perceptual and capacitive load, the work voltage drop needs good heat dissipation, poor reliability, long time work easily damaged. and relay work when the coil has a certain power consumption, easy to heat is not suitable for long time work, relay contacts can not be long-term work in the overload state. At the same time these use SCR or relay electronic switch, one but the failure will be controlled electrical no longer controlled, electrical appliances in a long period of power or power is not safe. So all kinds of electronic switches, although the use of convenience and a variety of functions, but in the security, reliability, stability of these aspects can not be compared with the ordinary switch. This is also the remote control switch, automatic switch, intelligent switch, and a variety of electronic switches can not be large-format promotion and sales of the root cause. Security, reliability, stability these problems become a variety of electronic switch development and promotion of bottlenecks, so each switch manufacturers are trying to find solutions to these problems.

Technical solutions for safety, reliability and stability of electronic switches: This technical solution is to provide a safe, stable, reliable remote control switch, automation, intelligent switch and a variety of household electronic switch working methods to resolve.

The technology is easy to implement, and fundamentally solves the problem of using SCR or relay as switching devices, so that the development of electronic switches and a large number of promotion become possible, and * can completely replace the traditional switch.

The "network Switch" is a low-cost, highly reliable, multifunctional wireless remote control switch that has been developed and designed for the purpose of controlling household electrical lighting appliances.

Ordinary mechanical switch, can not achieve at the same time more than two different positions of the switch with control of a light distribution control and a variety of automatic intelligent control, also does not have the remote function.

And with the improvement of people's living standards at the same time the quality of life requirements are more and more high, the control of lighting is more and more hope that the arbitrary, so each manufacturer developed a wide range of remote control switches and intelligent switches.

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"Network switch" uses the electronic switch security, the reliability, the stability technical solution and the low cost high reliable multi-function wireless remote control switch's circuit structure plan, simultaneously in the circuit structure design uses some ingenious idea and the method, therefore it has the following characteristic:

Easy to use installation: No connection learning, no need for complex settings, you can realize the number of remote control and the number of receiving terminals can be random combination, and ordinary switches as easy to install and use.

Use of flexible: for lighting control can be used for a single independent lighting, clearance, dimming and other functional control, but also the combination of a number of lights can be grouped control, easy to use different lighting combination form to create a specific atmosphere.

Load capacity: Can be applied to a variety of load, even if the thousands of-watt load will not be hot or smoke fire.

High reliability: Multi-path control of fault-tolerant technology, never worry about the switch runaway. Even if the $number switch is installed together, it will not affect each other. The General wireless remote control switch mostly uses the simple ultra sound receiver circuit, its reception sensitivity is not reliable, and the installation position of two receiving circuits will seriously affect the control reliability and distance.

Low cost: Average cost per switch (material + processing cost) within 15 yuan. High cost-effective products have a huge profit margins.

Powerful upgradeable: It can be upgraded to "Intelligent Residential Center control system" by adding some additional functional modules.

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