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Let the car overflow color: The body decorates the lamp shallowly discusses

Jul 29, 2017

After the explosive growth of the domestic car market, more private cars have become the new base for owners to show themselves and show their individuality. However, how to dress up vehicles to achieve the purpose of publicity personality? This does not have a unified standard, perhaps a steering wheel cover, a tissue box can make a car look different, perhaps after a change to make the picky you feel satisfied. This article will be introduced is how to use the lights to make the car look overflow color, this is also a good way to reflect the personality, but first let us understand the exterior of the car body decorative lighting in the end include Which?

Car decorative lamps are divided into car use and car use of the two categories, of which there are probably some of the following: car ceiling lamp, water spray lamp, wide lamp, license plate, wheel lights and chassis lights. These lamps in addition to the width of the lights and license plate lights (in fact, the original car has the same function of lamps, such as a small lamp with a broad effect and license plate light) has a certain practical value, other lamps are only decorative role, they can let the car in the night more dazzling.

car atmosphere light.jpg

Car ceiling

Usually only a taxi or police car and other special vehicles can install the car ceiling, but if we are on the roof of the car to install a small decorative lamp, the law will not prohibit. Pictured above is a car light, which looks like an antenna, ripping off the bottom of the glue paper to stick it in any suitable position on the roof, at the top there is an LED lamp, powered by a button battery, controlled by light and vibration, which is not lit during the day or night, and only when driving at night, the top of the car lights up the dazzling glow.

Water Spray Lamp

Water spray is actually a light-emitting function of the nozzle, it comes with a LED lamp and the corresponding circuit, other structural aspects and the common nozzle is exactly the same, in the night to the car can play a very good decorative role. And the big surprise does not need big input, ordinary plastic material of water spray lamp price about 12 yuan, installation is also very simple, LED can be through the wire to the big lights, every night to turn on the big lights at the same time the engine canopy on the two beautiful small lights with you, if you like to be different, really might as well try.

Width indicator

The general small lamp can play the role of width, but some owners will choose to install the engine cover wide lights (the picture is green is the width of the lamp), continued, or in order to make the car in the deep night to become the focus of attention. The wide range of lights have many models to choose from, are LED lamp, need to connect to the hood of the small light line, in the night driving, turn on the small light, the width of the light is also on.


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