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Philips Lighting Add ally, signed cooperation agreement with Beijing East

Jul 31, 2017

Global lighting Leading Enterprise Philips lighting July 26 announced, and Beijing East's voice intelligent hardware products "Ding Dong Speaker" signed a cooperation agreement, "Ding" sound box officially become Philips "Hue friends" partner.

Through the signing of the agreement, the two sides will integrate in the field of Chinese voice control and smart Home hardware technology advantages, for the Chinese smart home users to provide a better experience. In the June 2017 update of the "Ding Dong Speakers" application, users can directly add the Philips Hue series products, and through the "Ding Dong Speaker" Chinese speech recognition program to control it.

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As the most basic, the most widely used smart home applications, intelligent interconnection lighting has become the most important manifestation of intelligent home experience. The Voice control intelligent speaker is considered to be the next generation of intelligent home entrance after the mobile phone. Through the Philips "Friends of Hue" program, Philips Hue will continue to work with a wide range of outstanding enterprises, including Ding dong speakers across the world, and continuously deepen the research and innovation in the field of intelligent home lighting, to provide users with a more consistent use of the product experience, improve the quality of home life. At the same time, Philips Hue also continued to deep into the Chinese market, in the introduction of the white light atmosphere lighting products adapted to Chinese consumption habits, the release of Philips Hue in the world's first use of local language brands-"Philips show." The text speech recognition program controls it.

"We are delighted to cooperate with the Ding-dong Smart speaker. "China's smart home market is booming, and ding-dong Smart speakers have long been in the field of Chinese voice control, with a wealth of experience and a huge user base," said Bill Bien, Wei Weilian, the global chief strategy and marketing officer for Philips Lighting. Through Philips ' Friends of Hue ' agreement, the two sides can extend the Intelligent Home application field for Ding Dong users, but also can add more simple and efficient control ways for Philips Hue users. ”

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