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LED lighting New Market--Cloud computing data Center

Jul 31, 2017

The cloud wars will not stop and will only iterate. In the iterative process of all commercial competition, it is the enterprise that can catch up with the pace of the times and have a keen sense of smell. Cloud computing, after 2016 years of price smoke, 2017, the entire cloud industry seems to break through the shackles of prices, return to calm. Throughout the domestic cloud manufacturers pattern, the smoke after the brewing of a greater change.

Recently, a xtralight company in Texas Houston has been focusing on data center LED lighting. The study found that the data center can use the best management energy efficiency measures and strategies to reduce energy consumption by 40%, so Xtralight began to focus on this area.

LED linear high bay.jpg

The company noted that the study found that the data center could increase its power efficiency (PUE) by 25% by switching the data center to an energy-efficient LED illumination with advanced sensors and control systems. Traditional lighting can keep the room warm and allow HVAC systems to stay cool in the data center area.

However, LED lighting does not produce too much heat and can reduce the load on the data center HVAC system. "Many of the existing data center lighting configurations are inefficient and lack the appropriate customization and control," says Jerry Caroom, chief executive Xtralight. This is where our new control and sensor LED fixtures can have a substantial change of advantage. ”

A luminaire with a control device includes a sensor that can sense a person into an area and automatically turn on the light. The sensor can also detect a person leaving the area to trigger a luminaire's closing or dimming. This configuration ensures that only active areas are illuminated, thereby reducing energy consumption.

Xtralight says it provides a range of lighting options for the data center, such as General lighting (led round high patio lights), channel lighting (LED high patio light channel lamps) and overhaul lighting (LED overhaul lamps).

In addition, for data centers with lower ceilings, xtralight can also provide embedded lighting; the company also offers external and security/landscape lighting to prevent criminal activity. In recent years, China's rapid growth in the field of cloud computing has brought huge demand for data centers.

April 10, the Ministry of Industry issued the "cloud computing development three-year Plan of Action (2017-2019)", to promote the new generation of information industry represented by cloud computing. By 2019, China's cloud computing industry reached 430 billion yuan, breaking through a number of core key technologies, cloud computing services to reach the international advanced level, the development of the new generation of information industry has significantly enhanced the driving effect.

Artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing These words have how hot, no need to emphasize again. But few people know that supporting these High-tech data centers is really hot--hundreds of thousands of servers are concentrated in a high-speed operation, the room temperature is often more than 40 degrees Celsius, comparable to sauna days.

It is conceivable that it is a big number for the server to cool down and protect the server. According to the industry, if no technical improvements are made, the energy consumption of a data center is likely to exceed the county seat of a 300,000 people.

Baidu Cloud Computing (Yangquan) center, this is China's only basic realization of the natural cooling data center, about 96% of the year does not have to open air-conditioning unit refrigeration. Yangquan Center has also become the only one in China through the Ministry of Information and Green Grid Organization (TGG) Green data Center design, operation of dual 5A certification data center.

Compared with international advanced level, the overall energy consumption level of data center in China has been high. The Ministry of Housing and Urban and rural construction, promulgated in December 2015, "Green Data Center Building Evaluation Technical Rules", the data center design Pue value should be less than or equal to 2.0.

The Pue value is the universal standard for judging data center energy consumption in our country, 2.0 of the standard represents 2-kilowatt hours per consumption, 1-kilowatt is used for system consumption, and the other half is used to calculate itself.

 led waterproof panel light.jpg

The goal of the "Thirteen-Five" national Informatization Plan, which was introduced in December 2016, is by 2018, cloud computing and Internet connectivity were significantly enhanced, and the value of new large cloud data center energy Efficiency (PUE) was no higher than 1.5, and by 2020, the creation of an internationally competitive cloud computing and IoT industry system, the PUE value of a new large cloud computing data center was no higher than 1.4. In one years time, reduce the Pue value by 13.29%.

In addition to saving energy and reducing consumption, the data center's requirements for lighting systems are extremely stringent, and its brightness needs to be bright and soft. To reasonable layout, easy to operate, to create a good working environment for staff. Not only that, the State also stipulates that the room lighting needs to meet illuminance, illumination uniformity, lighting stability and suppression glare and so on.


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