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Osram buys part of the Canadian radar Company

Jul 31, 2017

Recently, Osram announced its strategic acquisition of the Canadian Laser Radar company Leddartech 25.1% of the stake, this will strengthen osram in the field of automatic driving leading position. Headquartered in Quebec, Canada, Leddartech was founded in 2007 and its advanced technology is a powerful complement to Osram semiconductor products. In previous cooperation, Osram has invested tens of millions of euros in Leddartech.

Leddartech specializes in the development of solid-state lidar (optical detection and measurement) systems that use infrared light to monitor the surrounding environment. At present, the laser radar patented technology developed by Leddartech has been integrated into the semiconductor and inductor modules of auto driving and driver assistance systems.


Osram Lighting Co., Ltd. Chief Technical Officer Stefan Kampmann said: "Osram is the auto-driving vehicle sensor lights of the world's leading suppliers, the field of market demand is rising." We believe that investing in Leddartech is a necessary step in pushing long to become a leading solution provider in the field. ”

"Our two companies have a lot in common, and we welcome Osram as our strategic investor," says Charles Boulanger, chief executive of Leddartech. Osram's investment is an important part of a large-scale financing programme currently under way in Leddartech. The funding is expected to be completed soon, and further details will be provided. Leddartech is committed to becoming a benchmark for solid-state lidar in the automotive field, and we believe that our alliance with the automotive Lighting market leader is an important milestone in achieving this goal. ”

Osram's strategic investment in Leddartech is to cope with the growing market demand for LIDAR technology. Laser radar technology is an important technology for auto driving and other mobile-related applications. Laser radar is similar to radar technology, it can detect objects and measure distance and velocity, the difference is that LiDAR is based on infrared light.

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