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What are the areas where future changes in LED displays will be presented?

Aug 01, 2017

The rapid progress of science and technology has also made things that have never been imagined become reality. and the rapid development of LED display field seems to be constantly changing, bring us another surprise!

LED display does not seem to be satisfied with "behave" in the presence of the public, such as led special-shaped screen, led transparent screen, led flexible screen ... And so on, the emergence of a series of new display, to the use of LED display, has brought more possibilities. And, with the small spacing led, microled and other high-definition display technology, giving the LED display a wider use of space. In this constantly surprising variety of new technologies, LED display will be used in the future areas? We will do a full range of big guesses today!

1. Commercial/Home Theater

Samsung recently launched the world's first led film screen, it is reported that the screen wide. 3m (33.8 ft), not only supports 4K (4096X2160) resolution, but also promises to achieve HDR visual effects. The news, in the industry caused a stir, because once this form of cinema is promoted, it means that the cinema no longer need to use the projector! Although the movie screen is still in the trial stage, viewers may not be able to get used to the projector, no need to turn off the lights of the theater, but Lenovo LED display industry has successfully opened the LED TV market, Sony also launched a stunning display of microled TV, the LED screen in the commercial, home theater applications embrace hope. 

In fact, people's pursuit of culture and entertainment is becoming more and more high, such as 3D film, Imax cinema in just a few years, has confirmed to us, the new visual technology in the field of film and television promotion speed, faster than we think, but also to show that the pursuit of visual stimulation experience is now the development of film and television industry trend. And compared to the previous movie screen, LED display display more than a better, so we dare to guess its application in the field of film and television in the future is considerable.

2. Super Large building wall

This is said to be used in the construction of the wall, not the usual conventional screen, but the matching wall customization of the Super large curtain wall, canopy. In recent years, with ornamental, sightseeing, entertainment nature of large buildings, not the pursuit of High-tech, visual immersion experience, have been using giant LED display to decorate. such as Zhuhai long lung Ocean kingdom, Zhengzhou art Times Square, the Beijing World Trade Center, and so on, more and more commercial centers, tourist attractions using super large LED canopy to create bright spots, attract people. 

And some of the pursuit of High-tech visual experience to highlight their innovative culture, or to create a new interactive experience of the site, but also began to use LED wall to create a unique viewing experience. such as a technology company in the United States set up a large area of 1700 square meters of LED wall, so that employees can also feel the four Seasons scenery in the room; an Australian hospital has created an interactive wall of LEDs to soothe children, reducing the fear of children. From the display effect of these walls, the application foreground of LED display in giant display area will be good.

At the same time, with the further promotion of transparent screen, as well as the wide use of glass curtain wall in modern architecture, the combination of LED display and building becomes more ingenious and beautiful. The current LED display whether the city appearance of the problem has repeatedly become one of the focus of urban rectification, and led transparent screen and wall of the perfect integration is very good to circumvent this point, and with transparent characteristics to meet the glass curtain wall, forming a sense of seamless. To the current commercial center, car 4S shop and other high-end business places, the pursuit of fashion, High-tech visual experience, led transparent screen will be more widely used, and will not only be used for building the external wall, in the building within the appropriate position will also be reflected in various forms of combination.

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3. Close-up display

In recent years, Microled attracted a group of manufacturers to join the research and development team, this new LED display technology makes the LED display in the field of Display panel "entry ticket", even if the current technology is still faced with high cost, technology is not mature features, but also does not prevent people to imagine the future of the market blue ocean is how broad. Except for the first Apple Watch to be used by the vibe, its application in the near-range display panel, such as mobile phones and tablets, will also be possible. 

Although the current technology is difficult to achieve mass production, but also means that the sharpness of LED display will reach a closer display of the requirements. And in the case of Microled failed to put into application, many manufacturers turned to the chip size of about 50 microns miniled, the news that this point from a small distance between the LED and microled products, or the first to enter the business opportunities of the large vehicle panel market, and OLED products for the market. No matter whether the development of manufacturers can get what they wish, it is undeniable that with the further upgrading of technology, LED display will enter the field of close-range display panel. 

4. Commercial Services

With the previous LED display in commercial advertising is much different, in recent years, LED display in the provision of digital services show a good development. such as the recent Uniqlo launched the "smart buy hand" LED screen, when customers near "smart buy hand", it will be active with customers to greet, but also through the display to browse the store new products, wear advice and preferential information, and simple nteractive games. 

Now LED display and VR, AR and other virtual technologies to become a hot spot, but also make the LED display in the commercial service applications become feasible. such as the "human-screen interaction" concept of the AR virtual fitting room, even if not completely replace the test clothes to a certain extent to reduce the customer's clothing style, color selection range, reduce the number of test clothes, increase the choice of clothing fun. With the development of the Intelligent Self-Service scheme, the LED display will be more promising in this field, but before that, we still need to enhance the interaction of the LED display on the technical level.

LED display technology in the development trend of continuous innovation, its application restrictions have become smaller, whether in the field of large area display, or small area near the display level, LED display has a certain feasibility and a decent application prospects. And, along with commercialization, digitization, intellectualization process to accelerate, the LED display commercial application blue sea is also more magnificent. In which new areas will the future LED display shine? Let's wait and see.