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LED industry in the advantages of cooperation, Lux-tsi become Cree LED solutions provider

Aug 01, 2017

Led field, LED enterprises and enterprises between the cooperation is constantly changing! After all, every a LED companies want to have a good resource of suppliers or partners closer!

It is reported that Lux-tsi, a provider of equipment testing services in Wales, says it has become a Cree LED solution provider. 

In addition, Lux-tsi also reached an agreement with Envisionlight to serve as its North American sales and engineering partner. The company can provide lighting testing services to customers in the UK, Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia through its UK labs.

The company provides illumination tests based on specific test procedures previously supported by Cree. The company also said its testing has become widely recognized in the industry LED lighting quality assurance system. The test services company claims that both of these agreements reinforce its position as an authoritative, independent, accredited European and global market led and lighting test.

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"Our approach to global markets will be more effective through the marketing support of leading solid-state lighting providers such as Cree," said Dr. Gareth Jones, chief executive of Lux-tsi. Sales and engineering partnerships with Envisionlight can extend Lux-tsi services to North America, while also supporting the expansion of envisionlight services to the UK.

"Lux-tsi is a global LED lighting test expert, and Envisionlight has decades of experience in the design and analysis of LED lighting products worldwide," says Mark Wedell, Envisionlight's founder and president. In addition, Lux-tsi has a mature European customer base, while Envisionlight has a perfect North American customer base. Two companies have a wide range of resources in global design and testing. Lux-tsi has great advantages in technical services and global conformance testing, while Envisionlight has great advantages in rapid delivery technology, as well as multidisciplinary disciplines such as industrial, mechanical, electrical, software, optics, thermal and structural engineering. In this way, our North American customers can sell products to Europe, Lux-tsi customers can sell products to North America. Therefore, we believe that this is a mutually beneficial cooperation.