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OLED illumination welcomes new opportunity

Aug 01, 2017

When it comes to OLED lighting, there is always a "high technology", "Special Mystery" "Price" and other baffling "honor", especially in the past two years, the domestic and foreign large-scale lamps exhibition OLED lighting debut, to frivolous, no glare, high, fashionable and other features, by industry experts and investors of all ages, the result is onlookers, the situation of the pursuit of the people.

Speaking of OLED lighting, she does have a completely different structure and manufacturing process, the two in the structure and even the application of a very small relationship, in addition to the same is used for lighting function, said that their relationship between a hair is not too.

OLED lighting appearance, everyone in addition to his high price bias, some experts on his light color, indication, red, no blue harm and other advantages also mixed, these are not what, can comment on the OLED market promotion is not enough depth, can guide that he is very concerned about OLED lighting, but there is a need to confirm that the traditional lighting industry for OLED lighting attention in the continuous ascension, especially the current blood spell LED lighting market, so many small and medium-sized enterprises to cry without tears, The advent of OLED lighting has injected them with a new opportunity.


Health lighting in the lighting circle to continue to introduce new tricks, showing the use of such gimmicks can let consumers pay, but also prove that consumers are willing to pay for health lighting. But the real health, protect the eyes have responsibility for the few lighting manufacturers, mostly purely for commercial speculation just. And the real OLED health lighting popularization is too little. Many lighting products on the eyes of the harm consumers is a group of Meng force.

From international giants LG to the domestic big brand Nanjing Ning Yi, Zhejiang Aerospace gaohong, Hebei Yi Light, such as the continuous introduction of lighting products, Guangdong Research and Development, Taiwan, and other new high-end products, such as the market, the whole field of OLED lighting constantly warming up, more eager manufacturers to participate, as domestic suppliers of OLED devices Nanjing a light really a little overwhelmed. The attention degree is not equal to the brand value enhancement, not equal to the product sells well, does not have the objective income. Focus and focus again, high cost and high prices are still strong and hard to break.

It is gratifying that OLED lighting applications have just begun, with the OLED light efficiency, more specifications, application range of expansion, not far in the future, OLED health lighting is bound to become the mainstream LED lighting complementary partner.

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