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micro-led commercialization demands enhanced, who is the leader in the end

Aug 01, 2017


Micro-led in the field of LED recently a period of time is the Thunder is prosperous, micro-led commercialization of the demand is constantly exaggerated, led market is also in need of large-scale micro-led commercialization!

Recently, a major café has released a Weibo claim that Apple will not be able to use the micro-led display on Apple Watch until 2019, as soon as 2018 years. And it's not just a watch to use, but Apple is also expected to use the technology on the iphone. In addition, the industry also said Apple has tested Micro-led's panel samples at Longtan base.

Small make up see this news also like everybody, the heart is very calm, perhaps because of saying too much, and recently many friends in the industry asked me whether this thing can be mass production, there is no chance, this also let me start to seriously think about this problem.

In the past, the mainland had little chance, because the mainland in the OLED investment too big, in the short term will not be large-scale layout, unless Apple has begun to use, in fact, this reason to say that it feels reasonable and reasonable. This and online June understand the same situation, the current mainland panel factory wait and see or say the majority of research, there are some factories, but there is no substantial progress. However, the response speed of the mainland is commendable, the early stage of the layout is also a lot, perhaps because of the past in LED, LCD ate a lot of losses.

From the point of view of LED industry, microled once put into use, LED enterprises will enter a new volume level, popular point is worried that the current large-scale expansion of production will bring about overcapacity and the problem of bargaining, especially in the future will continue to expand production.

Of course, led manufacturers are not microled the core of the rise, the main body should still be the Panel factory, because its volume growth depends mainly on the display panel, so the LED factory was forced to wait and see, dormant hope to seek cooperation with the Panel factory, however, the panel factory is also bent on OLED, leading to the current status of the mainland microled, then how should we see the development of microled?

microled small screen led by the panel, the big screen is led leading

When it comes to microled's participation, it's still a cliché to mention. Although the technology has long been developed and has a number of entrepreneurial companies, but the real concern is that Apple bought the Luxvue, set off the "microled heat." Starting from Apple, early participation in the layout and development of this piece of enterprise began to appear in the field of vision, including Leti, JDC, Ostendo, infiniled, Neptunium Chong, Mikro Mesa, Itri and so on.

Why not mention Sony because Sony is taking a big-screen route, and these are all on the small screen high PPI line. When it comes to microled, Sony is actually the first company to introduce commercial products. Recently in the accumulation of 2017 conference, heard the deputy general manager of Xi ' an in the evaluation of Sony, online June deeply agree. Sony can be said to be the display of visual effects of the world's most cattle companies, the emergence of microled is also in line with the Sony gene, but do not think Samsung OLED is very strong, because the first application on the screen is still Sony.

In the hear LED display enterprises for the display has so deep view, online June is very touched, because online June think microled big screen has this batch of LED display companies vigorously in the push, and not like small screen main panel enterprise, and not too big action.

Although the accumulation of science and technology microled Product Division director Huang Bingkei told us the current microled many difficulties and bottlenecks, but he is very optimistic about the development of microled products. The accumulation also started in the layout, on the small spacing display on the miniled even microled IC optimization.

According to online June understand, the current small spacing screen in P1. Under 0 There have been many companies have launched related products, including cob package of small spacing display, these for the display panel of the industry may not understand, but for LED enterprises, this is also to shrink the spacing smaller strategy.


So from the point of view of the big screen, there is no need for panel enterprises to participate in the place, but should be led display enterprises to promote.

Discussion on commercialization of microled small screen

Microled is currently so hot, we also discuss a lot, in fact, more people are watching lively, many people's eyes are fixed on apple, which is understandable, because only the technology involved in the Apple will have the future theory, which in the past practice has been proven. Some in order to participate in, not hesitate to invest heavily, and even enterprises because of the quality of products, such as the issue of final bankruptcy. So when microled is again being cared for by Apple today, we are actually very tangled, do you want to burn money to invest in it? Coupled with the current foreign claims of a lot of difficulties, which makes many enterprises can only wait and see not to advance.

Talking about the small screen commercialization, guess everyone immediately thought of Apple Watch, for Apple Watch use microled, according to Ledinside understand, whether it is the academia of the domestic microled on behalf of Dr. Liu Jinjun, or financial big Hemmogan and other foreign investment institutions have expressed optimistic about the application of microled in this product. Apple Watch itself to the PPI requirements are currently likely to apply microled of all products in the lowest, in addition microled can also be very good to solve the current watch itself needs to be constantly charging, outdoor visual pain points.

Commercial products are determined, how long will it take to commercialize, and the current forecast is up to 2019 years. According to Ledinside understanding, at present, in the LED chip, to meet the watches of the LED size technology is not difficult, small batches of production can be achieved, the driving side of the silicon is not a difficult problem, the difficulty is a huge transfer, because the size of the watch is not small, the commercial products in the last two years to launch the market

But in the actual production of small screen testing, repair, consistency problems, but it is a difficult, because microled can not be divided into bin, we are temporarily using quantum dots solution to solve the problem of consistency, from the structure of the product, this solution is certainly not the ultimate solution, can only be said to be the current more feasible commercial solution, and now see the fix problem is more for the big screen, for the small screen is applicable, the online June follow-up will continue to discuss.

In fact, the commercialization of small screen watch, industry chain theme is led, transfer, panel, semiconductor, terminal applications.

At present, the market is the industrial chain two (chip and application) to promote the strength of the middle (panel, transfer, etc.) is difficult, especially in the transfer. But the link between the LED and the panel is a large cross-border, mutual do not understand the need to running-in too much, this is also a big problem. In addition, the focus of the global Panel has shifted to the mainland, but the mainland panel manufacturers are not involved, although the rumors of Samsung acquisition of the Nigerian, but did not disclose substantial progress, the entire commercial development of the small screen in Taiwan and Taiwan's Apple Longtan Laboratory.

So some people say that microled is Taiwan's panel industry wishful thinking, this also has its reasons for conclusion. Online June think, microled is a problem can solve the current display of technology, so the technology itself, is not wishful thinking, but the upgrading of technology optimization, as for the industrialization of the problem is not only looking at the technology itself, need to promote the market.

Whether microled will rise, online June still think that the mainland is its "sweet point of origin", LED, LCD has been verified, perhaps this is also the mainland panel enterprises are not too eager to large layout reasons.

Discussion on commercialization of microled large screen

About microled big screen Everyone talk about is Sony, but talk about commercialization, online June think should be from small spacing, in essence, Sony's Cledis is also small spacing LED display, only smaller spacing.

And before microled was hot, in fact, LED display has been in the direction of the small walk, from this point of view, near the microled display has been a small spacing screen of the line, the previous LED display companies did not want to do so small, but after Sony launched Cledis products, gave the LED display enterprise a "can do smaller" signal.

For microled large screen commercialization of course, as with the small screen, there is the same problem-transfer, repair, testing and light color consistency problems. But on the industrial chain, relative to the small screen mciroled display, large-screen industry chain more concentrated in the LED enterprises, because it is a small spacing, just need to transfer, package form changed, but the whole from the upstream chip, to the application of the driver does not seem to join, this point of view, online June think microled big screen dominant power should be in the LED enterprise hand.

If so, the mainland is the most opportunity to promote the commercialization of microled large-screen products, because the mainland is currently the world's largest LED display production base. Of course Sony launched its own small spacing LED products Cledis, although a little late, but the small spacing led screen industry is a special rule of the market after all, so for domestic small spacing market, come late does not mean there is no chance.

To Sony Cledis, from its product technology and market access point of view, first of all, technically, from the packaging level is very different, the threshold is high, this is Sony into the domestic market capital. Secondly, in the channel and market, Sony, Mitsubishi, Pakistan and so on have large-screen display field of the domestic market complete layout, in some applications have market advantage, so its small spacing led products by other products on the way into the car, its operating costs will not be very high.

But the comprehensive view, domestic enterprises and Sony such foreign competition, the advantage is still very obvious, because the local enterprises for many years, whether it is technology or the market is very mature. But for foreign capital to enter the biggest variable is the technical advantage, of course, this is Sony has the opportunity to cut into a small gap between the reasons.

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