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Obedient light, intelligent voice makes you a light speaker

Aug 01, 2017

Over 2 billion instructions per week in the United States through Siri, more than 1 billion miles per day using Google Voice

China's smart speakers category 2016 sales growth of 335%

Philips Hue Smart Lamps make the home light become the object of voice communication

2017 years, the first issue of the "economist", a veteran authoritative magazine, used voice technology as a cover story and with the text: now, we talking. Compared to artificial intelligence, VR and other technology, voice control is undoubtedly the most grounded gas, has taken the lead into people's daily life.

Compared to the traditional "click" and "Touch" interaction, voice more intuitive, convenient, completely liberated human hands, but also to achieve a farther distance. You just have to make a sound and you can get a precise response from the surrounding device. For example, nest on the sofa to tell TV to play "Run Man" of the first program, turn to tell the speaker you want to hear Adele Adkins "Hello", direct air-conditioning to the temperature to 20 degrees.

More than 50 years ago, speech technology can only identify simple words, sentences, through the keyword pairing difficult to achieve the operation. By the 80 's, people's research began to introduce the neural network technology to speech recognition, and the speech recognition and language processing technology had made a breakthrough. 2010, the release of the Apple Siri, let smart voice applications go to the public, and quickly to the mobile Internet and other emerging areas such as smart cars, smart home, wearable equipment. Today, almost all of the major language application platforms have more than 96% recognition accuracy.

LED Linear lights applied in dinner room.jpg

With the gradual maturation of computer speech recognition technology, the era of voice manipulation is overwhelming. Sogou, Baidu, News fly, QQ, touch treasure and other mainstream input method, is hotly contested "voice input King" throne; the Amazon Voice Control assistant Alexa platform already has 15,000 voice control applications, just over the past June, Alexa new features increased 23%, Google Home and Microsoft Cortana far behind

In this context, the smart speaker quickly became hot. China's smart speakers category 2016 sales rose 335% Year-on-year, growing rapidly beyond the industry's expectations. More interestingly, the number of domestic and foreign internet big guy, scrambling to seize the market, no one missed. Amazon has echo, Google has Google home, Apple has homepod, Jingdong has Ding Dong, Ali has "Day cat elf X1" ...

Why do major internet companies in a short time, will focus on a seemingly sudden emergence of smart speakers? On the surface, this is just a new category of speakers on the "card position war", but in essence is to seize the upcoming smart home key entrance, the big guys are just want to borrow smart speakers into the home scene. The voice interactive function and platform behind the smart speaker is very likely to eliminate the touch screen of the mobile interconnection era and become the "operating system" connecting different smart home products. The speaker, it became the "operating system" of the entrance, equivalent to the people issued instructions to the first receiver and translation officer, quickly send instructions to other electrical appliances, so that the whole family obediently "obedient."

Take the Ding Dong Speaker For example, Beijing-East Voice technology partners are the highest share of the domestic market of hkust, and for the speaker has greater home ductility, ding-dong also hope to connect more applications; and the daily life of the necessary home lighting this piece, Beijing-east on hand with the lighting industry's eldest brother Philips lighting, through the Philips Hue intelligent lamps to make the home of light also become a voice communication object.

Light is an element that never leaves the day of sunset. We can not listen to music, can not read, but we enjoy the light every day, with its shine and support to complete the foundation of life. Philips Hue and voice control system recognizing this new technology node, in their "marriage", we can also become the messenger of Light. Simple mouth, upper and lower lip touch, you can easily control the light and dark home, adjust the color temperature, length, color and so on. Play the "hue" in fact can be said not to do hands.

Before you go to sleep, you look forward to waking up in the morning with no stress, just a "wake me up at 8 tomorrow" [1], and the lamp will awaken you gently in natural light at the right time; I am ready to read ", the light will automatically set into a suitable reading of the white light, with you around [2], as if the light is a longtime acquaintance, according to your password to change the atmosphere ... Like a pair of old partner for years, voice control system is responsible for strong language understanding and recognition, Philips Hue is responsible for the realization of your home lighting become infinitely possible (hue of color light Atmosphere Lighting series There are 16 million kinds of lights waiting for you to explore), so that people feel the real voice of intellige

Even better, Philips Hue is also exploring its own possibilities in the smart home section. With the game consoles, hue lights with the owner playing the rhythm of the game and varied, and TV, watching movies through the lighting changes bring unparalleled experience. Philips's ambition to illuminate is far more than solving the embarrassment of getting up and turning off the lights in the winter, but turning the light into a companion who has no sense of existence and understands you.

It is hard to imagine the future of smart home life, with voice control of what will it look like? Perhaps, is the good times of control madness, keep giving orders but always have companions and ta happy to play; perhaps, we dare not speak loudly, your anger will make everything around you tense, and the lights are really likely to "explode"; maybe, don't be so infatuated with chatting on the Internet, when you are empty you can chat with the lamp, and smart voice to become a good partner.

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