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Mercury Limit Convention let uv-led market unusually hot!

Aug 03, 2017

In recent time, the LED field in addition to the previous has been relatively hot small spacing led market, there is also an area of unprecedented concern, that is uv-led. It is reported that 92 countries around the world have signed the Mercury Convention, so the major enterprises have laid uv-led market!

With the power of ultraviolet led and technology to improve, in the market has been by the long life and small size, such as the advantages of gradually replaced the low power of ultraviolet mercury lamp, 2017 uvled market and application will show a rapid development trend. The rapid development of the market, from the policy perspective, Water Minamata Convention, energy-saving concessions, such as promoting the promotion of power.

International ban Mercury (Mercury) (Water Minamata Convention) fully implemented, the traditional mercury lamp will be banned worldwide production and marketing, which gives energy-saving environmental protection, mercury-free uvled brought development opportunities.

The international ban on Mercury (Mercury) Minamata Convention (Theminamataconventiononmercury) was signed in 2013, leaving only three years of 2020 years to complete the ban on Mercury.

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At present, the use of ultraviolet mercury lamp, commonly used in plastic and other materials related to the curing process, as well as medical, clean water, air purification, printing and other life, industrial applications. Including Japan, China, the European Union and other markets, in the household, industrial and other ultraviolet lamp tubes, is needed uvled to replace these ultraviolet mercury lamps, but also accelerated the uvled market in the world to take off.

And uvled in the industry for many years of development, in recent years has increased power, in UVA, UVB, UVC and other different wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation has a considerable progress in development.

Take the printing industry as an example, the UV mercury lamp in the printing press, the life expectancy is shorter than the uvled module, so the new model has been changed to adopt a longer life, can reduce the replacement of the lamp Operation uvled module, the ink curing, and reduce energy consumption, heat control and so on.

In addition, including medical, clean water and other fields, but also have appropriate uvled module import use. As for the industrial use of high-wattage number mercury ultraviolet lamp, the current uvled power is still far away from such products, there is a lot of room to play.

With the 2016 general lighting sector reshuffle, the 2017 the focus of major enterprises began to shift to the subdivision area. It is estimated that the 2016 uvcled sterilization and purification application of the market value of $28 million, 2021 will reach 2. 5.7 billion U.S. dollars, annual composite growth rate of up to 56%.

In the first half, LG Ynt announced the production of uvled module, can be the water purifier faucet inside the perfect sterilization. Let the customer more assured drinking water purifier.

Since the end of last month, LG Ynt PO State Office began to produce a formal production of "water purifier faucet sterilization with uvled module." On 27th, LG Electronic Direct Drink water purifier "Puricareslimupdown" New model products, has installed the production module.

LG Ynt announced the first development in the world of ultraviolet power up to 70mW 280nmuv-cled. At the same time, with a lei wafer, chip, packaging, modules and other LED-related production system, can stabilize the supply of products.

In addition to sterilization with 280nmuv-cled, LG Ynt also ensured the general industry with 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nmuv-aled and biomedical use 305nmuv-bled and other uses of the best product lineup.

At present, the uvled power in the market is not high enough, which is naturally caused by the uvled of many technical restrictions, but the daily machine installed in the production of 50mW specifications of the product, the goal is to achieve 100mW specifications of the uvled.

Small power uvled is used to analyze chemical elements, dommonitor and other uses, and 10mW to 30mW specifications of the product is a small flow of sterilization and purification, whether for water treatment or air purification is. To 30mW above, to the 50mW phase of the product, only to serve as the medium flow of sterilization and purification, as well as resin curing and other applications.

To 50mW above to 100mW specifications, this uvled is suitable for large-flow sterilization and purification, high-speed resin hardening and medical robot applications. At present, these applications, or high-pressure UV lamp world, uvled still difficult to cut, the main reason is not enough power.

Day machine installed the current technology has the standard product specifications, from 30mW to 45mW, in the direction of the voltage, 6V, the case has been successfully UV ultraviolet light removal efficiency to enhance, the heat resistance value from 15k/w into 7k/w.

Uvled compared with mercury lamp competition, of course, the light efficiency is not as good as UV mercury lamp, but the uvled reaction speed, do not need a heat engine, so the overall efficiency of the device is better, the future as long as the power can be upgraded, the scope of application will be more extensive.

The future potential of the current technical capabilities and the receipt of orders and requirements from market customers is well worth looking forward to.

Asahi into the material science has considerable progress with the industry, their 2-inch ain single crystalline substrate, let uvled collocation, based on the absorption rate and other factors, can improve uvled high output.

In addition, the Japanese Toyota synthesis in order to create a newer Blu-ray and Ultraviolet led, from the German manufacturer Aixtron procured a new MOCVD related module equipment. This device is an enhanced 5x4 inch Criusclosecoupledshowerhead (CCS) system that can be used to create Blu-ray led and deep ultraviolet led, which is expected to be delivered to Toyota in the first half of 2017.

Finally, I was given a speech by Eric ˙ Solheim (Eriksolheim), executive Director of the United Nations Environment Agency, on the "Water Minamata Convention", an attitude that was particularly good for a person.

"If even small things like using cosmetics, recharging a cell phone or even buying a wedding ring are likely to expose millions of of people to a mercury-containing environment, I don't think anyone can handle the pressure," he said. But we have solutions to overcome the global mercury problem, which is as obvious as the problem itself. At present, we have begun to promote the application of mercury-free alternatives, and constantly update and upgrade industrial production processes to ensure safe production. Both big and small can play a role-and each one of us can avoid mercury pollution by changing buying and using habits. ”