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Rapid development of LED foil screen

Aug 03, 2017

With the rapid development of the display industry, not only the enterprise model needs to diversify, product diversity is also essential, the product to set soft, light, thin, transparent, development more likely, installation and use of a simple model, is expected to create a new sales model.

LED display in the continuous innovation of the development process, the derivative of a variety of products, they are more closely fit the actual application site, convenient end-user characteristics, access to a good market share, led foil screen is one of them. As a global pioneer of LED foil screen, Shanghai Iron Song Technology Co., Ltd. has interpreted this new creative LED display.

Unlike the traditional LED display, the LED film screen has a soft, transparent, light and light characteristics, making the application site more diverse, installation and maintenance process more simple. These features, not only to facilitate users, more importantly, or to the application of LED display to explore the new market blue sea, or even form a brand-new LED display trading mode.

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LED foil screen, is a flexible, transparent and lightweight new LED display. Simply in terms of shape, led foil screen is similar to the LED flexible screen and led transparent screen of the combination-that is, the soft characteristics of the flexible screen, and transparent screen with high permeability. According to the LED film professional manufacturers, Shanghai Iron Song Technology Co., Ltd. Introduction, its new generation of LED film screen product thickness is only between 1-3mm, the weight of each square is also between 1-3kg, permeability rate of more than 80%, and flexibility is very good, can be arbitrary bending.

Based on this light and light features, its installation is also extremely simple, iron song Technology said that its products only need to tear the centrifugal film sticky paste in the user's favorite location to complete the installation process. Completely need not like the traditional LED display, must the manufacturer, the dealer sends specially the splicing, the assembly, the fixed, does not need to cooperate the box, constructs the bearing steel frame and so on a series of complex tedious process, the user can also easily complete. This installation mode not only reduces the cost of construction, but also enhances the installation efficiency, and greatly reduces the overall weight of the display.

All kinds of advantages, so that the potential application of LED foil screen is very extensive. In addition to the ordinary wall, whether it is an internal arc type, external arc type, or a 90° corner, even the glass door and the building canopy, can be easily installed. This also means that in the plane wall, shopping malls cylindrical, indoor and outdoor curved walls, building glass curtain walls, shop windows and many other places, led foil screen can be swept. And its lightweight characteristics, can reduce the attachment of the wall, glass, canopy and other load-bearing concerns, coupled with a high degree of transparency, almost integrated with glass, the impact on the appearance of the building is very small, so that its installation in the glass window is more feasible.

But this kind of transparent and soft characteristic realizes, also based on the Iron song technology Bare crystal element invisible display technology creation. It is reported that the LED film screen using micron-level light-emitting source, with transparent, high temperature resistance, anti-static, waterproof membrane for solid-glue protection, so that the naked eye can not see LED lights and driving chips, and thus no need box and mask, to form this transparent and soft unique display.

Medium and small area application market, reduce the use of LED display threshold

Although the application of LED film screen is very rich, whether it is a large glass curtain wall, or a small window glass, the use of LED foil screen is very suitable. However, compared with the LED transparent screen can also be replaced by large-area glass curtain wall, its light advantage in small area of the application field appears particularly prominent. In addition to the LED door head screen, the traditional LED display is usually more than a few square meters of large area of display "Overlord", and in small area display, then the share of the LCD screen larger. But the appearance of LCD screen is not as good as the LED film screen, and wall, especially the combination of glass curtain wall is more abrupt, plus the latter's weight advantage is more significant, so small area display, led foil screen can be described as unlimited potential.

With the digital trend of commercial advertisement becoming more and more obvious, led foil screen is promising in the field of indoor and outdoor advertising. In addition to shop window ads, in buses, taxis and other window advertising, commercial centers, hotels, high-speed railway stations, airports and other public places such as glass guardrail and sightseeing elevator advertising, a series of advertising areas have not been effectively developed, LED foil screen application potential is enormous.

And, because the LED foil screen required box, bracket and other ancillary equipment, low installation costs, after-sale maintenance is only required to replace the unit module, so that the overall application costs are lower. With the continuous maturation of technology, led film screen to promote or help reduce the overall use of LED display costs, speed up market penetration.

As we all know, manufacturers and distributors are still using engineering projects, or display solutions to define the sale process of LED display. As far as the market is concerned, the application demand of LED display is very different, the use area, the clarity request is dissimilar, its application place request installs the form also different, therefore the customer in the purchase process pays more attention to the pre-sale proposal consultation, the post-sale installment and the maintenance. In this way, LED display needs like television and other goods, the realization of real commercialization, still need to overcome many obstacles.

However, such as the LED foil screen installation and maintenance of simple display, it can not help to think of its commercialization feasibility. In the installation of simple features, customers only need to select the LED film screen and the size of the required area, you can install, especially ordinary shops and other places of use is simpler, the need for smaller area of users. and save the installation of construction links, not only improve the LED display sales convenience, but also to a certain extent to reduce the user's concerns.

Of course, the LED foil screen to truly commercialize, the need for a simpler operation process. The current general LED display needs to be managed, with computer control, no doubt improve its use of cost and the use of the threshold, so that small and medium-sized businesses. On the contrary, if these obstacles can be overcome, the use of LED display will be greatly improved, and in the area of small area of application of the advantages of the LED foil screen, it is more promising. In this respect, the Iron song technology is ready, its LED film screen products only need to connect power and data lines, you can use the app direct control playback content, no other product equipment assistance, not to hire professional operation, its convenience is self-evident.

As Tieco technology products in foreign exhibitions have been widely recognized in the same way, from installation to use is different from the traditional LED display of the minimalist mode, can not help but look forward to, led foil screen in the future to the normal product posture, create a brand new LED display era? Let's wait and see.