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Silicon substrate LED technology makes Nanchang become an important city of LED industry

Aug 07, 2017

LED industry has developed so far, some places are later, but play a role is more and more important. Like our central capital city of Nanchang, is the LED industry, a new star!

Industrial scale of up to 500 billion yuan, headlights, chips can be used ... "China LED lighting products production and application scale of the world's first, annual power saving over the Three Gorges power generation," said Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology. Technological innovation accelerates integration of economic and social development, supports structural reform of supply side, and leads industry to the middle and high-end.

At the time of the international companies to step out and coastal led enterprises to seek gradient transfer, the central provincial city of Nanchang by virtue of silicon substrate LED technology advantages, thick accumulated thin hair, from the technical highland to the industrial plateau.

 120W Energy Saving Outdoor LED Street Light.jpg120W Energy Saving Outdoor LED Street Light.jpg

LED technology breakthrough to support "green innovation"

A generation of light source civilization, civilization and light source peer. Torches illuminate the budding of human civilization, Edison's incandescent lamp led to the advent of the electrical era, fluorescent lamps to promote the technology era, the fourth-generation semiconductor light-emitting diode is the era of green lighting innovation.

In the national Laboratory of Silicon LED engineering and technology Research Center, lead professor of silicon substrate LED technology, vice President of Nanchang University Jiang to reporters to show the technical results: The Big Blue round silicon wafer, a layer of "growing" a variety of semiconductor materials, 2000 millimeters square the chip neatly distributed among them. By the electric dimming, the chip emits mysterious blue light, projecting onto the phosphor, and suddenly the soft Bai shoots out.

It is this small silicon substrate blue light-emitting diode, the birth of China to become the third after Japan and the United States to grasp the blue light-emitting diode (referred to as LED) independent intellectual property technology, but also the only implementation of silicon substrate LED chip production of the country.

LED lighting in the end how much energy-saving? According to the data analysis provided by the energy-saving crystal and lighting Co., Ltd. 2009-2017, the company produced LED street lighting products total power saving of 50.56 million degrees, led tunnel lights of the total number of degrees of electricity 41.38 million degrees, equivalent to coal about 30.34 million tons, reducing the total carbon dioxide emissions of 71.72 million tons. Experts pointed out that the significance of LED energy conservation is not only "annual power saving over Three Gorges power generation."

Automotive lighting, LED chip: industrial scale of up to 500 billion yuan

In the industrial park of Nanchang Qingshanhu area, the total investment of 500 million yuan led auto lighting project was put into operation in Jiangxi Province. It is reported that this is the first officially put into operation LED car lighting project in Nanchang Optics Valley, with an annual output of 500,000 sets of full vehicle LED lights and LED light source module production capacity.

"Automotive Lighting is one of the most advantageous and important applications of silicon substrate LEDs." "Crystal Energy photoelectric CEO Wang said, LED headlights have low power consumption, long life advantages, power consumption is equivalent to the traditional lamp 1/10." In addition, LED has small size, easy to shape design advantages, breaking the past lighting system on the constraints of modelling innovation, the car manufacturers in the shape of the car left a wide space.

Jiangxi provincial government in 2015 to formulate a plan to Nanchang to make the national led Optical Valley, built with the international core competitiveness of LED industry chain Research and development, manufacturing and application base. Planning proposed, to 2020 Nanchang LED industry main business revenue more than 100 billion yuan, accounting for 15%, including silicon substrate LED technology revenue reached 50 billion yuan.

November 26, 2016, the International Semiconductor Lighting Alliance chairman, National Semiconductor lighting engineering research and Development and Industry alliance Secretary General Ling in Nanchang, said: "2016, China's semiconductor lighting industry output is expected to reach 500 billion yuan." ”

Technical Highland to the industrial plateau: How to light up the innovation market in China

At the time of the international companies to withdraw and coastal led enterprises to seek gradient transfer, the central provincial city of Nanchang by virtue of silicon substrate LED technology advantage, thick product thin hair, let China light source innovation market.

"Ten Years grinding One sword" chasing high-quality "light source"

Early in the 670 's, Nanchang is the national three light-emitting diode production base, a considerable part of the coastal led enterprise engineers are from Nanchang.

At that time, when many areas are still enjoying the LED industry "low-end manufacturing" dividend, Nanchang LED industry has begun to enter the difficult independent innovation and technology accumulation period.

"Nanchang LED industry has the core technology, in the high-end lighting market can produce import substitution products, the fastest three years, slowest five years will be able to surpass the second technology line accounted for market share." Wang said.

Flowers than a solo show

According to the development rule of LED industry, the best proportion of LED industry chain should be 1:4:20, Nanchang in the upstream chip link strength, but in the downstream industry chain is not complete. Upstream and downstream input and output than upside down, the same is to earn 2 yuan, the upper reaches of 10 dollars, and downstream only to invest 1 yuan.

"If only the LED upstream industry a single show, can not support a city's industrial economy; only flowers, to grow an industry, to form a strong new kinetic energy." Jiangxi Provincial Party committee, Nanchang party committee secretary Summegen said, 2020 global led market is expected to reach the trillion level, in the next few years will have more than 100 billion yuan of growth, Nanchang needs to build a strong industrial cluster to seize the global market.

Seizing the opportunity to move from "10" to "100"

"From 0 to 1 to solve the technical route problem, the completion of the logo is the product test success, this process is difficult, from 1 to 10 is the technical optimization and product economics, the formation of scale production, this is also difficult, we spent six or seven years. Wang said that at present Nanchang LED industry is in the stage from 10 to 100, that is to do large-scale problems.

At the same time, Nanchang set up the 10 billion-yuan key industry guidance funds will give priority to support the LED industry major project construction, support the LED industry key backbone Enterprise development, to encourage the support of banks to meet the needs of optoelectronic enterprises, the formation of industrial funds to meet the full development cycle of enterprise expansion needs.

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