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If you change the street lamp to LED lights, save more energy every year than you imagine!

Aug 07, 2017

The scarcity of energy has always been a headache for a country, so green energy conservation has become a national priority task! According to a survey, if all of China's street lamps are replaced by LED lights, save energy Beyond your imagination, equivalent to 3 Three Gorges power station!

The use of energy-saving products is a beneficial measure to promote energy saving and emission reduction, while China currently has a lot of space in the use of energy-saving products.

"If all the streetlights were replaced with LED lights, the annual electricity savings would be equivalent to 3 of the annual power generation of the Three Gorges plant." "OP Lighting company general manager Xu recently in 2017 national energy-saving propaganda week key energy-saving technology advocacy conference.

Statistics show that in 2006-2016, the energy consumption of Chinese unit GDP fell by 37. 3%, realize energy-saving 1.8 billion tons coal, equivalent to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 4 billion tons. The World Bank's research shows that China has accounted for more than half of global energy conservation in the last 20 years and is the world's largest energy-saving country.


Micro-Energy Saving

China is a big country of coal consumption. The National Bureau of Statistics issued the "2016 Economic and Social Development Statistical Bulletin" shows that the initial accounting, China's 2016 total energy consumption of 43. 600 million tonnes of coal, up 1 from 2015. 4%. Among them, coal consumption accounted for 62% of total energy consumption.

If energy consumption can be achieved in the industrial production of coal, and the production of energy-saving products, no doubt, will be an effective way to protect the environment.

However, according to the relevant department statistics, the current China's terminal energy products, the refrigerator market volume of about 4. 200 million units, new sales of 32 million units, energy-saving products accounted for about 30%; 600 million units, new sales of 51 million units, energy-saving products accounted for about 20%, the motor market has more than 2 Billion-kilowatt, new sales of about 200 Million-kilowatt, energy-saving products accounted for about 25%.

"China's central air-conditioning market scale of 70 billion yuan a year, but energy-efficient central air-conditioning (to reach the national level of energy efficiency) accounted for about 3%, not more than 5%." "Haier Group Air conditioning Products Group Central air-conditioning Division general manager Yangbaolin in the first financial interview, said.

The reason is that, although the energy-saving central air-conditioning can save 50%, but its cost is high. For each enterprise, the upfront input will be carefully considered.

"Our magnetic levitation variable frequency centrifugal central air-conditioning (hereinafter referred to as" Maglev central air-conditioning ") cost of 0. 7 yuan-0. 8 Yuan/kcal, the cost of ordinary central air-conditioning is 0. 4-0. 5 Yuan/kcal. In other words, the cost of the maglev air conditioner is nearly half higher than that of the ordinary air conditioner, the cost difference of the upfront investment is huge. But in the late use of the process, energy-saving benefits are also very considerable, in the first three years, energy-saving costs can be compensated for the extra cost. Yangbaolin said.

It is because of this market recognition, Haier's maglev central air-conditioning was born in 2006, and not in the market fully spread. This 11-year-old energy-saving central air conditioner, until this year began to show its market value. 2017 Haier's central air-conditioning sales increased 50%, the maglev central air-conditioning increased 200%.

"Central air-conditioning began a large-scale application is in 2000 years later, as the whole society to improve the awareness of energy-saving, coupled with the central air-conditioning service life in 15 ~ years, now has reached the renewal period, so we are most of the case is the renovation. Yangbaolin said.

Yangbaolin introduced that a five-star hotel in Zhuhai uses magnetic levitation heat recovery solutions, saving 50 of electricity each year. 40,000-kilowatt, the savings on electricity costs 430,000 yuan. "430,000 is pure profit. "Yangbaolin regrets," the hotel's central air-conditioning energy consumption accounted for 40%-60% of the hotel's energy consumption, and the cost of the operating costs of $number central air-conditioning tariffs on the hotel's income is crucial, these savings are the hotel's pure profit. ”

Along with the development of the real estate industry, not only the central air-conditioning, including home air-conditioning, are facing the replacement of the spring.

System-wide Energy saving

Cold cogeneration is the refrigeration, the most important feature of the system, which includes heating and heating water, and the integration of power generation processes, is to cascade the use of different quality energy sources-higher temperatures and more usable energy are used to generate electricity; low-grade heat energy is used for heating or cooling. Cold cogeneration not only improves the efficiency of energy utilization, but also reduces the emissions of carbide and harmful gases.

Broad Energy Utilization Management Co., Ltd. Regional Energy director Ma Yi, Shanghai Qingpu Tencent Cloud Data Center gas Distributed energy projects using efficient, energy-efficient distributed energy systems, saving air-conditioning operating energy 955 tons of oil equivalent every year, saving air-conditioning operating costs 4.45 million, reducing carbon dioxide 3008 tons, equivalent to species tree 16. 40,000 trees.

Although the energy saving effect is obvious, but because of the energy cost reason, the natural gas distributed energy project often faces "the energy saving money" the situation.

First financial after combing found that the current only in Shanghai, Qingdao, Changsha and a few cities issued a natural gas distributed energy subsidy policy, of which the highest subsidies in Shanghai.

Released in January this year, "Shanghai Natural gas Distributed energy supply system and gas air conditioning development special support measures," proposed for the natural gas distributed energy supply projects, in accordance with 1000 yuan/kw to give equipment investment subsidies. The annual average energy utilization efficiency of 70% and above and the annual use of the hour at 2000 hours and over the natural gas distributed energy supply project, give 2000 yuan/kw of energy-saving subsidies; The annual average energy comprehensive utilization efficiency reaches 80% and above and the annual utilization of the natural gas distributed energy-supply project of 3,000 hours and above, and then give 500 yuan/kw of fuel-saving subsidies. Each project is entitled to a maximum subsidy of not more than 50 million yuan.

The power of a etc

Since 2015 to achieve the National highway etc network, etc energy-saving emission reduction results significantly.

Traffic and Transportation Department spokesman Wu Chuncheng recently said, the national etc network running 18 months since, saving vehicle fuel about 12. 80,000 tons, energy saving benefits of about 10. 900 million yuan, reducing NOx emissions of about 304 tons, hydrocarbon emissions of about 1013 tons, carbon monoxide emissions of about 3. 80,000 tons.

Data show that each motor vehicle through the manual lane for 14 seconds, and through etc only takes 3 seconds. According to the calculation, 3.8 billion vehicles through etc Lane Cumulative can save 11.61 million hours of waiting time.

According to the China Traffic News Network, as at the end of April this year, the National highway etc users have broken through 50 million, the main line toll stations etc Lane coverage of more than 98%.

Production ETC hardware related enterprises to the first financial said, etc has formed the world's largest payment network, it is not pure Internet behavior, but the real economy brought about by the payment extension. ETC network operation for 18 months, only reduce the amount of NOx emissions, the equivalent of 1.2 million vehicles 1. 6L of household cars are less than 4 months away.

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