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The future of LED, can become the center of the stage

Aug 07, 2017

Taiwan's led industry, from the Warring States Period, has entered the curve after the convergence of the period of reorganization.

Held in Taipei's Nangang Exhibition hall, and in the past is significantly different from the three: less stalls, fewer crowds, less gas, the exhibition's popularity reflects not only the industry's prosperity and rise and fall, also symbolizes the host region of the enterprise-led market power.

Looking back, "lighting" and "backlight" two sets of keywords, determines the LED industry more than 20 years of ups and downs.

Display initially is the cradle of LED production value, in the decade of 2000 to 2010, LCD backlight demand LED production value of high-speed growth, several degrees of electronic industry star Halo, and then the backlight saturation, lighting continued the market momentum, and the mainland led factory with Eleven-Five of the train began to be lined with government subsidies and tax concessions to play a price war, in a few years to fang the solid state lighting has been killed into a blood, low-cost, large, but fast growing lighting market, became the kitchen table bright poisonous apple, when other staple food already exhausted, some people start ploughing, but cannot help to rob Food, has paid the food poisoning the price successively.

The LED topic has decoupled from the show?

For the LED chip and packaging factory, the key words in recent years must not be separated from the "car" and "not visible light." Ledtaiwan exhibition, in addition to Dombey and Linsen of course with lighting products as the spindle, the remaining three upstream manufacturers: light treasure, crystal electricity, light huihong all revolve around these two emerging markets, the pay forum in the exhibition is more direct to uv/ir as the theme, the new trend of LED is clear, obviously, want to discuss the display of fewer people, at least, no one has discussed backlight.

Does this mean that the LEDs have started to "go on display"? To LEDTaiwan2017 the situation of the conclusion, perhaps some anxious, because there are two of high-profile keywords, quietly absent this event, that is "small spacing" and "microled". Two of them are miniaturization, one represents the present, the other is the future.

Small spacing and microled this is two different concepts of the noun, small spacing is commercial display, 3-in-1 package led size between the 500μm~2500μm, using traditional SMT technology to grab the PCB board; Microled is the first to lock the consumer electronics of the spontaneous light display technology, LED size is pressing 50μm below, do not play line is not encapsulated, and need to match the brand-new " masstransfer"technology transfer to high-density backplane (such as: Ltps/cmos), if the panel industry point of view, in fact, can also be microled understanding of inorganic (inorganic) version of OLED.

However, after the concept of pitch, solution (cob-type small spacing), and masstransfer to import small spacing, the line between small spacing and microled began to blur. In any case, small spacing and micro are symbolic of the real "leddisplay", chipsize and pitch of the miniature, but also closer to the original division of the Commercial and consumer electronics supply chain, the birth of a new manufacturing mode and different application field!

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