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Domestic LED lighting quality problems should be how to control!

Aug 24, 2017

   Admittedly, with the rapid development of society. In recent years, LED lighting applications gradually into thousands of households, all over the corner! It has completely replaced the traditional lights!

Market share continues to rise, however, China's LED lighting industry in the growing, quality problems are also worrying. Reporters from the Jiangsu Bureau of Inspection and Quarantine, the European Commission of the first half of the Non-food rapid warning system has recalled the domestic led lamps more than 10.

   It is reported that a for "finlight" brand LED lamp, in the process of inserting lampholders, both ends may be charged, causing users to shock. The other is "Lumenix" brand LED bulb, charged parts and contact parts between the creepage distance is too small, resulting in contact parts charged, resulting in electric shock hazard. Two products are not in line with the "EU low-voltage Electricity Directive" and European related standards en 60598 requirements. The importer has taken a step back from the market and recalled the product from the consumer. It is reported that only in the first half of this year, the European Commission non-Food rapid warning system for China's LED lighting recall has more than 10.

Jiangsu Inspection and Quarantine bureau experts said that although the development of LED lamps in China is very fast, forming a larger industrial scale, with huge market potential, but the core and key technology lack of short board and scattered, small, disorderly industrial organization pattern still restricts the promotion of international competitiveness.

   After years of rapid growth, exports have slowed since 2015. Exports of US $10.6 billion in 2016 decreased by 0.77% compared with the same period in 2015, with the first negative growth. The data reflect the export profit reduction phenomenon of lamps and lanterns, which is caused by the depression of the global economy and the decline of the price of products in the fierce competition.

   Experts pointed out that from the past year to the European and American developed countries to China LED lighting recall, there are three aspects of the quality of the problem: first, the product waterproof performance is substandard, easy to damp, resulting in internal damage to lamps, such products are mainly in outdoor LED lamps; The second is that the product is not in accordance with the standard requirements for electric shock protection, the main reason for the design of a part of the production enterprise defects, the structure of the existence of electric shocks, and the insulation of the cable may Third, the product internal wiring and external wiring there is a quality risk, which easily lead to electric shock, fire, fall and so on the risk of harm to the consumer's personal property safety.

   Jiangsu is our country led industry important production base, production value 50 billion yuan, accounting for 12% of the country. Jiangsu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded that at present, users of LED lighting quality and functional requirements will be more and more high, low-cost, low-quality products are difficult to form a unique customer, not to mention the continued considerable profitability, LED lighting industry integration speed is accelerating.

   Inspection and quarantine experts remind enterprises, production enterprises should be timely understanding of the European and American developed countries LED lighting products standards, from product design, raw material procurement, assembly production links, and effectively improve product quality. At the same time to strengthen and inspection and quarantine departments, trade associations, to seriously study the quality of foreign recall products, analogy, grasp the quality of key links, will blind pursuit of low-cost change to focus on the product itself, to enhance the "Made in China" international market competitiveness.