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Inverse light red LED irradiation of grapes more than 75%, fruit grain also increased by 10%

Aug 26, 2017

Do you know that the rich and delicious giant grapes grow more full when they shine? The Agriculture improvement field in Taichung, Taiwan, said it would use all-optical white or yellow light bulbs to irradiate the red light led, not only to save 75%, but also to increase the fruit grain by 10%.

"Fruit Kingdom" in Taiwan, China, grape juicy plump and sweet, you know how to plant it? Ye Wenbin, deputy researcher of crop improvement course in the Agricultural improvement field in Taichung, said that the grape spring is easy to be exposed to low temperature during the shoot and flowering period, in order to avoid the adverse effects, usually the farmers will use electricity at night, but the position of the electric light often need to adapt to the growth of the plant, to promote the low temperature period of new shoots of grape growth, and improve the fruit rate. 

He said that the current situation is that the farmers have used electric light bulbs to do electricity, but the study of agricultural change in Taichung District 4 years found that the white or yellow light bulbs are all optical, if changed into only red, the effect will be better. 

He also said that the use of LED lights can only shine red, can be in the flowering, each period of approximately 20-30 days, every day from 10 o'clock to 4 o'clock in the morning in the evening, to "counter-light red LED" irradiation, the fruit grains can be increased by 5% to 10%, each from 12 grams to 13, 14 grams of weight, plus leaves each tip will be more than 4 to 6 pieces, so that photosynthesis more, peel will appear purple black, look better. 

Even the effect of saving electricity has been greatly moved forward. He said, "the inverse of the red light led" can also save 75% more electricity than the light bulb. For example, the existing 23W light bulb set spacing of 33 meters, 1000 bulbs per hectare, the use of inverted 10W red LED bulb Set spacing can be expanded to 63 meters, only 500 bulbs per hectare, the cost of electricity reduced to 75%. 

He stressed that the use of the above technology can increase the overall revenue of the total 12%, the increase of about NT $300,000 per hectare benefits, favorable grape fruit better prices.