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Philips play Black technology LED lights everywhere can surf the internet

Aug 29, 2017

Guide: Through Poe operation, LED lighting system into an information network, users can control the vicinity of the lighting and temperature. The system can access other building services, such as proximity detection sensors, to discover the nearest free meeting room.

The rapid popularization of it technologies such as IoT, cloud computing and big data is making light more and more intelligent.

"When every lamp on the ceiling has an IP address, the light has precise positioning and navigation capabilities that can reach centimeters, far exceeding our current WiFi and Bluetooth positioning systems." For example, in Shanghai, People's Square has 19 subway exits, Xujiahui has 20 subway exits, the person comes in often dizzy, not clear direction. If the lamp mounted on the ceiling is able to navigate a correct direction, the convenience must be everyone needs. "August 17, Philips Lighting Greater China, President Wang in Beijing, said in an interview with reporters, Philips as the representative of the International electronics company has achieved the application of this technology, as human beings in the use and use of light above another breakthrough. Now, Philips is ready to put a of the LED lights on the Internet, navigation and positioning in China.

Poe Lighting System: the use of electronic signal drive voltage to detonate intelligent lighting

"In our traditional concept, the lamp must be in need of wire to pick up, but now the lamp can be used to pick up the cable." This is the Ethernet power supply (PoE) technology that we are applying to LED lamps, the core of which is to ensure the normal operation of existing networks while ensuring the safety of existing structured wiring and to minimize costs. "Philips Lighting China Lighting Design and application Department general manager Yiu Mengming said.

LED is easy to work with sensors, wireless communication modules and embedded processors, this feature allows the LED lamps to become intelligent network sensor concentrator, using the isolated local embedded processor, lighting system can achieve energy saving. Connect the smart LED/sensor concentrator to the local area network (LAN), allow the installed led concentrator to quickly support and take full advantage of the new features emerging on the IoT (IoT) and provide the technology to adapt to future development without replacing expensive lights.

"Poe is ideal for powering, connecting, and controlling smart led concentrator over a LAN, which reduces deployment and installation costs for compatible IP devices, including LED lights and sensor concentrator." Because there is only one data cable to be laid, the wiring cost is low and no separate power cable is required. Yiu Mengming stressed.

In Poe configuration, each LED lamp can be a standard RJ45 connector Plug and Play device, own IP address, can be independently addressable. The Smart LED concentrator (integrated sensor and wireless access point) is connected by Poe to provide power for each led concentrator that glows. The Poe connection also supports each LED concentrator to gather information from a variety of sensors and send the data back to the controller, which may include ambient light, temperature, humidity, and anonymous room usage data. For example, an inductive sensor can be used to ensure that lights are turned on only when someone enters the room, and the light is automatically turned off when the sensor does not detect any presence. Alternatively, ambient light sensors support daylight collection and LED lighting is automatically adjusted to maintain illumination when daylight is low.

With Poe, the LED lighting system becomes an information network where users can control the lighting and temperature nearby. The system can access other building services, such as proximity detection sensors, to discover the nearest free meeting room.

Cisco Systems Inc. has previously applied the technology to its products. According to this, Philips lighting Greater China president Wang that the Poe led network can provide additional benefits for future development, because LED lighting (and integrated intelligent Sensor concentrator) has been deployed in the people gathered in the location, Poe is the future of LED lighting. This also opens up the human imagination space.

Philips play Black technology, LED lights everywhere can be access to the Internet

Optical communication positioning: accurate positioning to centimeters

Yiu Mengming told reporters that in the current intelligent lighting system, the application of optical communication positioning technology is another important link.

Compared with the current wireless LAN (Wireless LAN), the visible optical communication system can use indoor lighting to replace the wireless LAN base station transmitting signal, its communication speed can reach 10 trillion to hundreds of trillion per second, the future transmission speed may also exceed optical fiber communication. The use of dedicated, capable of receiving the signal function of the computer and Mobile information terminals, as long as the indoor lights light to the place, you can download and upload high-definition images and animations and other data.

"There are a lot of limitations to radio signal transmission devices, which are rare, expensive, but inefficient, such as mobile phones, millions of of the world's base stations to help enhance their signal, but most of the energy is spent on cooling, efficiency is only 5%." In contrast, the world's use of bulbs is inexhaustible, especially in the domestic led light source is a large-scale replacement of traditional incandescent. If you add a microchips to any obscure led bulb, you can turn the bulb into a wireless network transmitter. "Yiu Mengming said," Without the WiFi signal, the point of an LED light can be on the Internet, which is now a reality, the future will be more popular.

On the basis of visible light communication technology, Philips Lighting pioneered the optical communication indoor navigation and positioning system. "Based on Poe's network IP address and indoor physical address, LED visible light flash, mobile phone camera and LED lighting between the visible light communication and app, we have achieved the use of lighting for indoor positioning, and precision can reach centimeters." Yiu Mengming said, as previously said, if we use lights to navigate the mixed subway exits, it is the technology that works.

In this respect, including the Chinese Academy of Building Science, deputy dean of Zhao, including the experts to reporters that the current outdoor GPS Beidou navigation technology has been very mature. However, people more than 80% of the time indoors, indoor positioning of the demand is multiplying, the accuracy of the requirements will be higher. With the gradual maturation of optical communication positioning technology and the wide application of mobile Internet, the market of indoor location has been in the prophase of outbreak. Optical positioning technology for optical communication will be infinitely amplified.