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LED Eye lamp problem is heavy, parents should not follow suit

Aug 30, 2017

With the children on the popularity of electronic products and schoolwork task heavy, wearing glasses of children more and more, in order not to let children become "small glasses", parents are painstaking, do not miss all the opportunity to protect children's eyesight. Nowadays, led eye lamp with protection of eyesight, eye care and other "magic effect" of various types of eye protection is fired fiery, so many parents tempted, but CCTV's exposure tells us, led eye lamp problem.

Highlight Issue 1: High Color temperature

Color temperature, in layman's terms, is to emit the corresponding blackbody of the spectrum.

Low color temperature is what we usually say the warm shade, red composition more, blue composition is less, conversely, partial blue shade, color temperature is relatively high. National standards: When the use of light-emitting diode lighting source, long-term work or stay in the room or place, color temperature should not be higher than 4000K. Otherwise, it may cause damage to your eyesight.

The comparison test results show that the removal of fluorescent lamp lamps do not make the request, the remaining 144 batches of table lamp samples, there are 114 lots of table lamp sample color temperature of more than 4000K, of which, there are 21 lots of table lamp sample color temperature of more than 6500K.

Our common light source, candlelight color temperature is about 2000K, incandescent lamp is 2700k-3000k, the morning sun about 4400K, noon rose to 5600K, color temperature too high will affect people's eyesight health.

Suning easy to buy a long time table lamp flagship store sales of the nominal Guangdong long-term Company limited production of a led670led stepless dimming energy-saving lamp color temperature up to 11643K, and this lamp in the online shopping platform is not hurt eyes eye lamp.

Highlight problem 2: get through the dark

Illuminance means that the light is not bright enough. Comfortable lighting, illuminance is not only enough and evenly.

Our eyes can be adjusted automatically according to the light, when we from the dark environment to the bright environment, will feel the glare, then the eye will make the stress reaction, the pupil shrinks, in order to reduce the light injection, in contrast when the eye from the bright environment to the dark environment, the pupil will enlarge, increase the injection of light. When we read and write under the table lamp, if the illumination is uneven, the pupil size will keep opening and closing to adjust, resulting in visual fatigue.

This comparison test, the center area illuminance did not reach a-class 250lex lamp has 94 batches, of which, there are 20 of a lot of table Lamp Center area illuminance did not reach $number LX. Nominal Zhongshan Dongsheng Zhong Lighting Factory production of the road far card MT-206 Learning Table Lamp Center illuminance only ten LX.

Center uniformity of more than the standard upper limit of 3 of 102 batches, of which more than 10 of the 20 batches, nominal Zhongshan Dongsheng Zhong Lighting Factory production of road far licensing MF-206 Learning Table lamp Uniform value of up to 120, is the standard upper limit value of 40 times times.

Reading and writing lamp color temperature is too high, according to the most important reason is that in the country without targeted standards, production enterprises ignore the consumer health closely related to the use of product performance.

At present, our national standards mentioned in the type of lamp light source, only include tungsten and tubular fluorescent lamps, the development of faster LED-type light source lamp products, but no targeted national standards. Relevant departments should improve the standard of LED table lamps as soon as possible, so that the production enterprises really pay attention to consumer health closely related to product performance. At present, the technical level of LED development has completely solved this problem, the need to improve the LED production enterprises on the integrity of products and attention.