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Handy intelligent fruit and vegetable pesticide detector, away from pesticide trouble

Aug 30, 2017

Do you know how many pesticides you eat every day? Recently, the food and safety problem pouring, consumer awareness also rise, now as long as there is a research institute of the "Smart fruit and vegetables pesticide detector", you can immediately know the pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, and no longer afraid of fruit and vegetable washing is not clean. Thanks to its innovative, original and cross-border ideas, this year, the Computex Best Product Award (Choice Award) will be unveiled in next week's Taipei International Computer Show.

Zhu Junxun, director of the Centre for Intelligent Micro-systems technology at the institute, said that with the support of the Department of Economic Technology Branch, the Institute developed the world's first handy pesticide detector, using a patented micro-food pesticide detection system technology. Research and development staff to the general biomedical research of the common optical testing methods used in food testing, master chemicals like identity card-like unique spectral patterns, can be dissolved in the water of pesticides in spectral analysis without hiding.

In addition, the combination of Bluetooth and wireless charger, the user in just a few seconds can be at the same time from the detector and the lamp on the charger seat to know whether the pesticide residue to reach a safe range. The red light represents the pesticide serious exceeding the limit, do not eat before strengthening the cleaning; yellow light represents pesticide residues, recommended continuous cleaning, green is no pesticide, or only very low pesticide residues, people can rest assured that food.

The pesticide detector of the Institute has been targeted at eight kinds of pesticide residues in the top 10 pesticides, which can be tested by water-soluble pesticides, and can be tested by lipid-dissolving pesticides, and the detection limit can be up to 0.5ppm, and in the end of the cleaning prompt cleaning completed. Research and Development Institute of Intelligent Micro-system Science and Technology Center Lin Jingxian said that the technology has been a number of operators to consult technology, the different use of the international customs, detectors in the future can be set up to different common pesticide database, to provide in line with the global market demand for customized.

"Handy intelligent fruit and vegetable pesticide detector" through the Institute of patented micro-wafer technology, the past is difficult to "micro-" optical testing equipment, designed to allow people to grasp the light of the external type, not only beautiful and stylish sense. Including the one Touch button design on the charger seat, as long as you press a key to open the function, but also can be widely used at all ages of the family members.

A number of innovative technologies will be exhibited at the "Smart System Theme Pavilion" at the Taipei International Computer Show from May 30 to June 3. Like the world's first handheld medical professional "skin quality tester", is a high order optical tomography instrument, can achieve non-invasive virtual slice scanning; less than 400 grams of probes, Easy to operate with one hand, breaking the traditional volume and weight limit, three seconds to know the epidermis and dermis layer thickness, collagen distribution and pore status, such as skin type, this technology will also be exhibited at the 2017 Taipei International Computer Exhibition, so that the public personally experience the professional-grade skin fault artifacts. The "Intelligent System Theme Museum" of the Institute is on display at the World Trade Center in Taipei, where the booth number D0026 is welcome to visit.

The past is large and bulky, to allow cosmetic care products industry, medical and health institutions to pay, in addition to the price of pro-people, but also to be able to operate a single hand, more attractive. So the team racked their brains to complete hand-held stability engineering, but also with the spectrometer company, success will be large and expensive spectrometer shrink and have price competitiveness, Zhang Chiwei stressed that the magic of hand-held Oct, in it built a "lightweight probe", "Skin Quality algorithm", "anti-shock function", the combination is like a scout artifact, Let you take a picture of "face, the lining all dew"! Now "skin detection instrument" in all kinds of exhibitions, people are rushing to measure their skin and collagen content, truly become a customized medical beauty artifact.

Zhang Kiwi added that, under the support of science and technology projects, is now embarking on the promotion of industrialization, and manufacturers have used this prototype to start market testing, this skin probe artifacts, will also be in this year's Taipei International Computer exhibition, so that more people experience its magic!