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OLED leads the Fourth World Illumination revolution

Sep 01, 2017


As the saying goes, the wine is not afraid of deep alley, OLED lighting unique light, soft, low power consumption, transparency and other advantages, so that it in many areas of the collection of thousands of love, leading to the Fourth World lighting revolution.

Car lighting 

OLED brings more than the lighting revolution, even affect the future development of the automotive industry. OLED organic semiconductor lighting technology, issued by the light of uniform plane light source, soft light source for the traffic to provide a more secure protection, coupled with the OLED's thin, transparent, high lumen efficiency characteristics, in the automotive industry has been favored. From the white light OLED lighting application to monochrome OLED technology applications, such as car interior lights, taillights, contour lights, dashboard, skylight, doors and windows, and other major manufacturers in the pioneering.

For example, Audi, BMW, Cadillac and other manufacturers using OLED lighting light, cool 3D features, launched a variety of lights, but also foreshadowed the future development trend of the lights. Again as electric concept car Volkswagen I. D , Volkswagen Sedric, novel and unique OLED tail lamps and OLED transparent window design, but also increasingly subvert our imagination.

Home lighting 

So-called always, the "perfect" OLED technology is only used in television, mobile phones, automotive industry is not enough to drop ~oled no glare, no stroboscopic, no fluorescent lights of the harm, also no blue light hazard, close to natural light, to the eyes to bring a very comfortable feeling, especially suitable for indoor lighting. OLED technology in the indoor lighting industry has a great development potential, will become a new generation of interior solid-state lighting protagonist.

At present, OLED lamps in the global hair products, such as LGD, blackbody, acuity, NEO, Nerd, Yi Light, such as the introduction of OLED lamps, fully demonstrated the unique style of OLED, each is comparable to art works.

Commercial lighting 

Many people in life follow the "seeing as reality" for shopping malls, lighting brings the display effect is one of the important factors to attract customers, especially in high-end shopping malls, general lighting average level of illumination should be controlled in 500LX, color index requirements in more than 90%, OLED lighting is the best choice. OLED nature of natural light, its spectrum of more than 95%, so that the products of the showcase always bring refreshing experience to customers.

In addition, OLED luminescence does not heat the characteristics of the object can reduce the damage, for shopping malls, showcase, and even the museum decoration design icing on the cake, I believe that OLED lighting will soon be applied to the major display design.

In addition, OLED technology will be applied to the aviation field because of the high transparency of OLED. 2014 British technology companies have disclosed the development of "transparent aircraft", designed to allow passengers in the cabin to enjoy 360° full location feeling, like soaring in the blue sky and white clouds.

OLED, as a new generation of mainstream lighting technology, has many advantages. With the continuous upgrading of OLED technology and the upgrading of production capacity, its application field will be greatly expanded, the OLED industry would usher in a new layout.