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Analysis of the difference between LED light source and luminaire

Sep 04, 2017

LED misunderstanding for LED light source reason 

Light sources in traditional lamps are almost interchangeable. With the advent of LED, the use of LED modules in the form of most of the lamp can not be replaced, it seems to show an integrated trend, LED light source and LED lighting line is not clear.

The whole is a light-emitting device, can be regarded as light source? Actual in the definition of the lamp in the "note" in the written clear: the use of an integral type of light emitting diode is regarded as a luminaire, using LED module is precisely a luminaire example.

The light source has the characteristic which is used by different lamps 

The light source is used by the luminaire. Light source metaphor for the water, the lamp analogy for the spring. LED light source can be used in the tube lamp, but also in the road lamp. The "LED Street lamp" or "LED tunnel light" understood as "light source", you can not be used by other lamps, and "lamps" using the concept of "light source" is inconsistent.

The difference of the enclosure protection grade 

As a light source, there is no special enclosure protection level requirement or should be reached IP20. However, the enclosure protection level of indoor lamps shall be at least IP20, the protective grade of the LED road lamp shall be at least IPX3, and the enclosure protection grade of the tunnel luminaire shall be at least IPX5. 

LED light effect is not equivalent to the efficiency of LED lamps 

As far as the light source is concerned, light efficiency is a classical index project, each new light source is directly related to the higher light efficiency, so the light effect is also an important index of the performance of LED light source.

Of course, other performance indicators of the light source project also includes the color index, color coordinates, color mild life and so on. For the use of traditional light source lamps, lamps of the light output, that is, lamps and lanterns to convert luminous flux capacity, is a classic indicator of the performance of lighting items.

As the performance parameters of LED light source has not yet reached the standard level, and many lamps use the LED light source can not be replaced, so, the concept of light efficiency has been misused to LED lighting products.

The concept of luminous effect of LED light source and efficiency of LED lamp 

The luminous effect of the LED light source (luminous efficacy of a source) is defined as the ratio of the luminous flux emitted by the light source to its own power consumption. The unit is LM. is not included in the loss of electrical accessories. The efficiency of LED lamps (luminaire efficacy) is defined as the ratio of the initial total luminous flux emitted by the luminaire to the power consumed by the luminaire under the condition of its claimed use, and the unit is LM. is the loss of electrical accessories.

"Light efficiency" for the evaluation of LED light source, "efficiency" used to evaluate LED lamps, LED light efficiency and LED lighting efficiency is the efficiency of energy conversion to light energy, is to describe the lighting products, the performance of the index items, but its connotation is different.

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