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Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition September 5 Grand opening, 2017 exhibition ushered in overall growth

Sep 06, 2017

The Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition (Shanghai internationallighting FAIR–SILF) hosted by Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. was held in September 2017 5–7 Day at the New International Expo Center in Shanghai. This year, the scale of the exhibition continued to grow, exhibitors multiplied to 238. The overall area of the booth reached 11,500 square meters, which was 75% higher than last year. 

For the positioning of the exhibition, the general manager of Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. Mr. Hu Zhongshun said: "In recent years, lighting engineering channels have become a fresh air outlet, and further urban lighting planning, will promote the steady growth of market demand trend." Lighting engineers How to lock the future lighting market demand to integrate transformation, innovation, the extension of three of the issues worth pondering: 

1 Quality-How to improve quality, so as to enhance the value of lighting engineering services in the market; 2) systematization-How to ensure the construction standard of urban lighting project by standardizing and managing; 

3 specialization-How to develop the surrounding business, to create a long-term business environment for lighting projects. 

Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition aims to assist the industry to develop the business opportunities for lighting projects, this year, the exhibition will highlight the development trend of project business opportunities and intelligent lighting solutions by presenting rich and varied lighting applications and holding concurrent events. 

Shanghai International Lighting Exhibition and Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition, Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition held in the same period.