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With regard to AMOLED, our country has more and more discourse right

Sep 12, 2017

For the first time this year, Apple has tried to use the AMOLED screen on its phones, but in the Chinese market, many manufacturers have launched a AMOLED-screen smartphone a few years ago. Compared with the LCD screen, the AMOLED screen has a brighter quality, more energy-saving, spontaneous light, eye protection and other features, can also be curved, folding and other design, very suitable as a smart phone screen.

And, AMOLED is currently the hottest new generation of display technology, has been widely used in smart mobile phones, wearable equipment, VR and other intelligent terminals, but also because of the characteristics of bending, folding, and can be bypassed to become the industry's recognized future development direction of display technology.

Development speed of Domestic AMOLED

According to reports, Apple AMOLED screen supplier Samsung Display Company, this year and next year's smartphone purchase more than 100 million pieces of AMOLED screen. And the world's two biggest companies in OLED screens are South Korea's LG Display company and Samsung Display, where Samsung dominates most of the handset AMOLED screen market and dominate.

Fortunately, China's display panel companies have begun to produce AMOLED screens, which not only broke the monopoly of Samsung Display company, but also began to pull down the price of the screen, so that more manufacturers in the low-end mobile phones also configured AMOLED screen.

August 29, Hebei Langfang Gu Industrial New town also came from the total investment of nearly 30 billion yuan Yun (Guan) 6th-generation AMOLED Project Large-scale production line main structure successfully capped message. The project, as a leading project in Hebei Province, gathers industrial resources, perfects the supporting industry chain, and creates the most advanced new display industrial base with world standard. The successful capping of the main structure marks a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the follow-up project volume production.

It is understood that the project technical support for the Victoria Connaught, in the field of OLED, 21 years to deep business. The project is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of small and medium sized flexible and hard screen AMOLED modules. Since the start of October 21 last year, the 2018 project is expected to be able to have the design of 30,000 pieces/month, substrate size 1500mmx1850mm, the main production of small and medium-sized flexible AMOLED display, to meet the needs of 90 million smartphone screen, Effectively increase domestic AMOLED panel supply, promote the large-scale production of panels and modules.

Yun (Guan) 6th Generation AMOLED Project leader Zhang Deqiang said, the project is our country has independent intellectual property rights of major High-tech industry projects, technical performance ranked in the forefront of the world. The construction of the 6th Generation AMOLED production line is of great significance to the promotion of China's OLED industry to break the foreign technology monopoly status, the future global OLED panel market pattern will also have a new change, to help push our country in the new round of OLED industry in the global competition to seize the opportunity to achieve our country in the new ”

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Flexible AMD Display

Display industry development ushered in inflection point

In recent years, the rapid growth of the smartphone market led to the popularization of small and medium-sized AMOLED display, surface display, smart watches, virtual reality (VR) and other terminal products are accelerating the expansion of AMOLED application range, OLED display industry has been increasing attention.

Zhang Deqiang said: "AMOLED display is mainly used in mobile phones and laptops and other electronic products, China in the mobile phone, notebook computer lamp electronic products production has been ranked first in the world, accounting for more than 90%." 2016 new display industry annual output value of 350 billion yuan, related industry scale of more than 1 trillion yuan. At present, China's AMOLED market demand is strong, showing that industry development will usher in a new inflection point. ”

With China's new production capacity of OLED, driven by the rapid increase in capacity, the annual composite growth rate of 114%, while China's OLED manufacturers AMOLED market share will increase from 2016 4% to 2021 34%. Among them, the smartphone is still the largest OLED application products, 2017 market share of 86%, 2021 will reach 81%. The second largest application product OLED TV shipments will reach 6.5 million units in 2021, estimated from 2016 ~2021 annual composite growth rate of 49%, while other applications are VR helmets and smart watches.

For the future development of the global AMOLED market, Zhang Deqiang believes that: "At present, many well-known terminals around the world will gradually use the AMOLED screen, will further promote the rapid development of AMOLED industry." By 2020, the global AMOLED total shipments will reach 1 billion, the annual composite growth rate of 41%. The global AMOLED market will grow to $71.7 billion, with an annual compound growth rate of 49%. By 2020, the global flexible AMOLED panel shipments will reach 720 million, market size will increase to 47.7 billion U.S. dollars, market share will reach 67%. ”

In addition, because the AMOLED is shown in the industry as a new generation of display technology, will subvert the human understanding of the display, enhance human visual enjoyment, and promote the application of the market. AMOLED flexible display will also be in the vehicle, VR, wearable and other fields of application market rapid rise, market share will be greatly improved. With the rapid development of the global OLED industry, China's AMOLED market demand is strong, in the display industry development inflection point period, will certainly lead to the rapid expansion of the entire OLED industry chain, including manufacturing equipment, materials, assembly and other industrial chain will contain a great opportunity. With the large-scale application of AMOLED technology, it is bound to set off the change tide of the industry.

China shows rapid rise of enterprises

Facing the new generation of display technology gradually mature, AMOLED application market is a strong demand, Chinese panel entrepreneurs have already sniffed the potential huge business opportunities, have to raise the layout amoled production line. In the global display industry competition pattern, also is gradually revealing China's new power.

In the global display industry is undergoing structural adjustment of the trend, South Korea, Samsung, LG, Japan Jdi and Hon Hai led Sharp has increased investment in the production of AMOLED production line, the Chinese panel manufacturers have also sniffed AMOLED huge business opportunities, have invested large sums of money layout small and medium-sized AMOLED market. Among them, Beijing East, Tianma, national photoelectric, Heiguang electricity, Shun Lee, huaxing photoelectric and other local panel manufacturers are willing to vigorously build 4.5-generation, 5.5-generation, 6-generation AMOLED panel production line, is expected to 2017-2020 around the world new AMOLED panel production line will be produced.

Incomplete statistics, Japan JDI and Joled merged, a total of four AMOLED production line, are committed to small and medium-sized flexible AMOLED panel; the Hon Hai in Taiwan Region of China has two 6 generation AMOLED production lines, respectively in 2018 and 2019.

The AMOLED production line in China's mainland region has also grown rapidly in the last two years. At present, China has put into production AMOLED line has seven, respectively: Beijing East Erdos G5.5 Generation Line (monthly capacity 54,000 tablets, including LTPs), and Hui photoelectric Shanghai G4.5 Generation Line (monthly production capacity of 21,000 pieces), the state of the photoelectric Kunshan G5.5 Generation Line (monthly capacity 44,000 tablets), Tianma Shanghai G5.5 Generation Line (monthly capacity 30,000 piece), Shun Lee Huizhou G4.5 Generation Line (monthly capacity 45,000 piece, with 15,000 flex), Beijing Oriental Chengdu G6 Line (monthly capacity of 48,000 tablets) and Tianma Wuhan G6 Generation Line (monthly capacity of 25,000 tablets). Under construction there are five, respectively: Huaxing photoelectric Wuhan G6 generation line, Hui photoelectric Shanghai G6 Generation line, the state of the photoelectric Kunshan G6 generation line, as well as the national display photoelectric Gu G6 generation line and the Shenzhen G6 line. In addition, there is a letter Lee Huizhou G6 generation line in the planning.

It is worth mentioning that the black Cow food as the representative of the Enterprise, also began to raise funds to accelerate the transformation into the field. August 15, the 15 billion increase in black bull food was approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the Fund will be all used for industrial investment, providing solid capital support for the construction of the 5.5 Generation AMOLED production line expansion project and Yun (Guan) 6th Generation AMOLED production line project.

With the high boom and huge market growth potential, the new display industry will attract more enterprises and capital inflow, and more production line will increase market competition. According to statistics, by 2020, China will have at least 13 AMOLED production lines.

There is a view that as China's new AMOLED production line in the production, in small and medium-sized size AMOLED market competition will become increasingly "hot", industry experts said, "from the perspective of demand, flexible AMOLED application space is wide, market demand growth." ”

As our country's new production capacity gradually released, AMOLED screen supply tension will be eased at the same time, huge capacity will force the AMOLED panel cost-effective more rationalization, will also force enterprises to accelerate technological innovation.

In addition, the new display is one of the core basic industries in the country's advanced manufacturing and the next generation electronic information field, our country has the world biggest AMOLED application and the demand market, its growth foreground is possible. China has sprung up like Yun (Guan) G6 generation Line, Beijing East Chengdu G6 Generation line, huaxing photoelectric Wuhan G6 line, Hui photoelectric Shanghai G6 Generation line, the state-owned photoelectric Kunshan G6 generation line, such as a group of independent intellectual property rights of the production line project, breaking Japan and South Korea and other countries in the field of display technology monopoly, More conducive to China's participation in the international new display industry competition.

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