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Taiwan-led packaging manufacturers billion light, the expansion of LED packaging capacity materials!

Sep 12, 2017

Profit year minus 30%, expected in the second quarter of the mobile phone application flat, small spacing display demand stability, single quarterly revenue is expected to recover slightly from the last quarter, excluding the exchange factor, profit has a chance better than the last quarter. 

In recent years, the company continued to adjust product mix, including car lights/directional lights/daily light bus products, small spacing display products, mobile phone flash, iris identification and not visible light and other products to gradually pull up the proportion, driving 2016 gross profit margin rebound. It is expected to expand the LED packaging capacity this year, mainly for the promotion of small-pitch display, car use, invisible products supply capacity. 

Billion light 2016 revenue of about 29.347 billion yuan (NT, the same below), annual increase of 1.7%, gross profit margin 24.5%, annual increase 1%, operating benefits 2.136 billion yuan, an increase of about 8.5%, after-tax net profit 1.84 billion yuan, a surplus of 4.13 yuan per share, performance smooth. The board has decided to allot a cash dividend of $3 per share. 

The first quarter of this year by the industrial off-season, Lunar New Year, the mainland mobile phone market, such as the impact of factors, revenue to 6.718 billion yuan, the quarter minus 12%, the annual decrease of 3%, gross profit margin 24.09%, the annual decrease of about 1%, but the cost improvement, industry profit growth, business interests 575 million yuan, However, because of the loss of foreign exchange, the first quarter net profit came to 313 million yuan, the surplus of 0.71 yuan per share, the annual decrease of 30%. 

April this year revenue 2.252 billion yuan, month minus 11.22%, year minus 6.64%, the cumulative first 4 months revenue about 8.967 billion yuan, year minus 4.28%. Estimated 5 June revenue may be between 222.5 billion yuan, the overall second quarter revenue estimates about nearly 7 billion yuan up and down, Tizan estimate 5%, and the same period last year roughly similar or slightly increase or decrease. 

Billion light for led packaging manufacturers, headquartered in China's Taiwan forest, the factory is located in China's Taiwan city, Yuan, gongs, as well as the mainland of Suzhou, Guangzhou and other places, the other holds the Tai and Crystal Electric shares of about 9.6%, 1.8% respectively. At present, the lighting proportion of nearly 30%, backlight proportion of nearly 20%, non-lighting/non-backlight applications of the total proportion of products more than 50%. Among them, flash and small spacing billboard total revenue of about 15%-20%, infrared about 20%.