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Sharing concept has been ,rooted germination, LED display is not high participation

Sep 12, 2017

Today, the rapid development of the information society also allows LED display in a wide range of application prospects. Different categories, different performance of LED display has been developed to meet the needs of different industries. LED display of the figure has been all over the streets, led large-screen is the outdoor advertising industry digital transformation important stage products. It is an urgent task to reduce or eliminate the vacancy rate of outdoor advertising screens, and the manufacturing industry is positively correlated with the media industry. This includes both screen media vendors ' existing time slots, and screen makers ' future capacity that is idle. In addition, we have to mention that the LED large-screen in the commercial bustling and gold section of the excessive concentration distribution, is also led to the large screen has not been a reasonable and effective use of a major problem.

At the same time, the most common daily life there are several shops door head, supermarket entrances, halls, shelves. For the publication of shopping guide tips, supply and demand information, price quotes, promotional discounts, new product introductions, business recommendations, customer greetings, etc., is the business to guide the customer's media and information dissemination window, to attract consumers an effective way. and the information service and product category of LED display system will be more rich, the potential market demand and application areas will also be a breakthrough, such as public transport, parking, catering, hospitals and other integrated services information display demand will be more and more. Because of the continuous development of LED display industry, simple and convenient LED screen, will become the screen owners finally selected.

In fact, with a single two-color LED display As an example, more and more businesses favor this small and medium-sized advertising screen, they are visible everywhere in the streets, diligently rolling endlessly, just to attract more attention and eyes. But look, the content is simple, rigid and the similarity is very high, and there is no fresh feeling. Even some businesses are beginning to think that installing LED displays is not very useful. and choose to abandon the LED display of investment, and not very good use of this marketing tool, can't help but let people sigh. This is due to the screen owners changing the content is not convenient, causing the update lag. And through the computer to modify programs, can not get rid of time and space constraints, but also more difficult through the program and customer interaction.

"Shared economy" trend LED display will be divided into the advertising profit

It seems that the share economy of LED display industry is belatedly. Although, in the wisdom of the economic tide, the industry has sprung a lot of "creative play" and "fresh idea", but there is no practical solution to the actual life and production. There is no doubt that the trend will eventually come. LED display to intelligent will also be the mainstream trend of industry development, display manufacturers can share LED display, through advertising costs of profits into the return. Participants can get more fair opportunities because the project design information is open, and "smart + interconnected" can help to release demand and get more rational choices. Undoubtedly, this will inject a new energy into the development of the LED display industry in a new field.

To make the most of it can truly embody the value of a commodity. In the shared economy mode, for the supplier, it is possible to obtain a certain pecuniary return by allowing the use of the goods or providing services within a certain time, that is to say, the LED display is used for the purpose of full and effective use of the LED display by letting out the rolling content on the display. Moreover, through sharing content to reach the propaganda effect of advertising communication, it has gained the profit revenue from the dissemination effect, and for the demand side, it does not directly own the ownership of the goods, but uses the goods by renting, borrowing and so on sharing way. And as a demand for advertising, not deliberately alone to buy a display to play ads, on the one hand, the cost is relatively high, you can achieve the purpose of saving their own costs; It is the ideal choice of "stone". Try to open the business information in a platform-sharing manner, and provide free trial in the early stages, and gain rewards later.

This attempt will allow for rapid application of different forms and sizes of enterprise products, making Cross-border integration and industry reconfiguration possible. Similarly, if the medium and small advertising screen can achieve the convergence of multiple regions of advertising, through the sharing of economic platform linkage development, but also to a large extent to improve resource utilization. In this way, social resources have been the most effective use of the cooperation between the two sides also in the same economic activities to achieve the ideal goal, in which they are the best of both worlds. On the other hand, it can also make the display more broad, while also increasing the availability of the LED display. Imagine: When businesses are willing to share their display with others to use, today's LED display will be dull?

Therefore, the essence of shared economic idea is mutual benefit. It is reasonable to allocate unused resources and make great use of them. In the premise of mutual help, the profit will be the inevitable trend of economic development in the future. Intelligent mode in the LED display industry application, is not a fresh attempt. From "manufacturing" to "intelligent" transformation, for the new manufacturing industry, including led industry, will not only bring great development opportunities, but also indicate the future direction of industrial development. The rapid development of the Internet Information Age, LED display industry contains unlimited business opportunities and potential, "shared economy" LED display in the field of high-speed development and wide application will also be inevitable.