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On Christmas Eve, LED lights on Amazon platform sales need to be audited

Sep 13, 2017

LED lamp string.

One buys two Christmas trees, each Christmas tree needs many Christmas lights to decorate, not to mention the courtyard, under the eaves even the roof of the lamp string decoration. 

But unfortunately, because of the LED lights (and other similar products used to decorate Christmas and live) because of the need to connect power, the product is not qualified very easily caused by fire, endangering people's lives and property safety, there have been similar cases before, so, every year before the Christmas season, The Amazon platform will always be a carpet-type inspection of the Christmas products, was found to sell similar products sellers, often receive the following e-mail:

Hello from Amazon.

We writing to let you know the following collector pages have been removed from our catalog:

ASIN: Bxxxxxxxx, SKU: wxxxx, Title: "Xxxxxxxxxxxx"

This product has been identified as a holiday/seasonal light. Amazon approval is required to list of products. For instructions on how-to request approval to sell this, please refer to the following Help

Page: https://sellercentral. Amazon com/gp/help/help html/ref=ag_202137960_cont_200164330? ie=utf8&itemid=202137960

For further information on my policies, search on ' restricted products ' and ' Listing restrictions ' in Seller help.

**action Required: Within hours of this notice, please review your listings and close, delete or archive any listings T comply with our policies.

Failure to comply could result in the removal your selling privileges.


Amazon said in the notification email, similar to the holiday/season lights products, the publication is required by the platform approval can be, so the seller needs to remove or close the relevant listing within 48 hours, otherwise it will be possible to be removed by Amazon sales rights.

Many sellers may have questions: LED product is a class that does not need the platform audit?

Yes, for most of the LED products, do not need the platform audit, but, for the Christmas decoration of the LED products, but indeed the need for platform audit, the specific reasons have been mentioned in the above.

If the seller wants to through the platform audit, the specific audit and request you can follow the above-mentioned email prompts to inquire, in short, the focus of the audit is: Does your product have UL588 certification?

Specific UL588 certified content, required sellers to search by themselves, or confirm with your supplier. I would like to say that for the current market on the sale of LED Lights series of products, most of them do not have this certification.

So why are so many sellers selling?

The reason is simple, most of the sellers, in the actual release of the product process, did not use three of the largest but most likely to cause system screening of the words: decoration, holiday and Christmas. If your product is a Christmas decoration lights and related products (such as the Christmas tree hanging on the shiny decorative ball and will be glowing Santa Claus, ribbons, etc.), once your listing inside use these three words, your listing most likely to be the system search, then, will receive the email.

What if you want to sell such products?

First, avoid decoration, holiday and Christmas three words;

Second, inventory small batches of replenishment of the warehouse (in order to avoid the peak season, you can advance the goods to the United States local warehouse, according to the sales volume of storage);

Third, if it is local, can do certification, the cost may be doubled three times times.