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The IPhone 8 screen is set! Samsung supplies 72 million OLED screens for Apple

Sep 13, 2017

Now, reports from South Korean media say Apple has already talked to Samsung about a specific partnership, which is an exclusive supply of the OLED screens needed for the iphone 8 (the OLED screen Assembly will start in May), and even more enviable is that the screen is more high-end than the Galaxy S8 and shows better results.

In addition, UBI's analyst also received insider shows, the IPhone 8 using OLED screen, the fuselage screen accounted for $number (S8 's screen ratio is 83.6%), which means that Apple has integrated the home button in the screen, of course, before there is news that Apple put fingerprint recognition behind it. 

This year Apple and handset manufacturers Rob Resources is certain, and their advantage is very big. Samsung currently has a basic monopoly on the supply of OLED screens in the mobile domain, and South Korean media have stressed that Samsung plans to supply Apple with 72 million flexible OLED screens this year. 

Such a terrible supply of the number of domestic handset manufacturers still have to do it early.