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Car COB: A knock-out product that has struggled in the Red Sea?

Sep 14, 2017

Car with COB, is the industry is less concerned about a field, because the cob itself is a small market, the volume and the difference between the SMD is very big, the second car cob is only one of the applications of Cob, which shows its small market. So why are we talking about this question today? 

Online June recently visited a lot of automotive packaging enterprises, in the discussion to cob products got a unanimous answer--cob is the car market low-end pronoun. In order to further understand the market reality of this product, Ledinside online June visited the domestic main layout of the car led enterprises, together know the real status of the car cob products. 

Past darlings, now outcasts? 

With low light efficiency, serious light decay and low reliability, Cob entered the market after 2010, becoming a favorite in the field of commercial lighting. Subsequently, the domestic mainstream packaging manufacturers with increased investment in cob, resulting in price declines, cob cost-effective advantage increasingly obvious. Also because Cob's light quality is far higher than a single high-power device, its 2014 years after the rapid penetration of commercial lighting application market, and become the current mainstream lighting solutions, while cob in the power application market has been rapidly popularized. 

This two-year cob has maintained a high growth trend, data show that 2015 COB product sales accounted for 30% of the overall light source, while 2016 lighting with COB (including ceramic packaging EMC Packaging cob products) Market scale of $580 million. 

After several years of price grappling, cob price gradually to stabilize and close to the bottom, at the same time, with a high profit space for the car market has become cob new blue sea. A large number of cob manufacturers to start a large-scale car cob market, many manufacturers also because of the car led market harvest quite abundant, but short-lived, car with cob quickly reduced to the main battlefield of price war. 

In this respect, Liu, deputy director of the photoelectric marketing department, said car cob light source used in the car after the market in the past is very large, but mainly to do the low-end market, but because of the previous COB light vehicle LED products A lot of problems, the market dosage has been greatly reduced, overseas customers have to smell cob color change situation. 

and Siu Chi Energy Deputy general manager Zheng said, cost-effective is kingly, this view he does not agree. It thinks, the car uses the cob mainly is the rear loading market, enters the gate to be relatively low, the price competition is relatively big is the normal phenomenon. For any market, as long as the product standardization stage, can be called the Red Sea market. 

Wei, deputy general manager of the same party, said the same side photoelectric from October 2015 into the car headlamps cob after the market, with the increase in volume, into the market segment more and more enterprises, the company realized the price competition is fierce, this is also an inevitable trend, but also the most eye-catching performance. 

But after the car to do the big lamp cob is not so easy to imagine, or there is a certain threshold, in the optical, thermal processing to have a certain technical foundation and special place, and high-quality aftermarket channel business cooperation, Price is not the only competitive point. 

At the same time, Wei said in the past two years, after the loading of large lights cob will increase significantly, there will be enterprises to join the industry, this is destined to be in the technology, quality, price, service, speed and other comprehensive factors on the manufacturers to shuffle, and finally "the remainder of the king", The same side in this area continuously increase equipment and technology input, from the customer's project start to cooperate, keep up with customer demand, play the same side in the cob field of advantage, and constantly meet customer demand. 

Car with Cob "low-end representative said", the low-end is only positioning 

As a mature light source LED, has been widely used in lighting, backlight, display and other fields. However, the application of LED in the automotive lighting is not a lot, especially the front-loading market. And COB is just one of the package forms of automotive lighting led, which is currently used in the COB package of the headlights in the form of COB and Csp-cob. 

Boulevard Semiconductor Li Gang to Ledinside said, automotive lighting using cob light source, luminous flux can be very high, which depends mainly on the size of the luminous area. But COB is a surface light source, does not belong to the linear light source, even if the cob of the light-emitting zone surrounded by a long strip shape, subject to the constraints of the package form, still can not achieve small size large current high reliable target. 

At the same time, because many of its light from outside the linear area become harmful stray light and glare, not only can not improve the effective illumination of the road surface, but also destroy the light and brightness distribution of the projection beam. blindly increase luminous flux, not only bring more serious heat dissipation problem, serious glare and deformity of light intensity distribution will become a safety hazard.

 Therefore, most people in the industry think that although the cob made the car headlamps cost is low, but the reliability and light shape is poor, should belong to the primary product. 

In this regard, Crystal Division electronics product Manager He Guiping once said, cob in the automotive lighting field advantages mainly in four aspects: the first is the car with COB package HOT channel shorter, the heat resistance is smaller, the reliability is higher; second, COB is the integrated surface light source, the light uniformity, no ghosting, meet the needs of automotive lighting; three is cob light density high, The penetrating ability is strong, the distance is illuminated and the object is clear; four is cob the automobile headlight the illumination distance farther, causes the driver to drive in the night still the vision broader, the security is higher, does not belong to the low-end product. 

Wei, the deputy general manager of the same party, also said that the cob of the car in general is a fierce price competition, relative feeling into the Red Sea edge, but not the Red Sea, this is a threshold of the market segments, most want to enter or ready to enter the enterprise, are only to see the price, enter the price of the enterprise under pressure, no technology and quality of the foundation , only the price war can be selected, will only defeat in the price competition, for the same side, the price is not the only competitive point, optical, thermal and other comprehensive competitiveness is the same side in this field on the basis of survival. 

In this regard, static photoelectric director Wan Hihong said, cob products are considered to be low-cost representatives, is some manufacturers to cob used in low-priced products. If the use of good materials such as aluminum nitride ceramic substrate, with advanced technology such as gold welding, and so on, Cob will not be the lower end of the low price representative.

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