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The problem is breached, led filament lamp market or will usher in change Bureau

Sep 15, 2017

LED filament lamp market is a complete "fire", especially in the "Ban white make" before and after, the filament lamp has become the focus of the lighting industry.

Into the 2017, led filament lamp market "hot" momentum unabated. According to statistical data from the LED Research Institute (GGII), the 2016 global led filament lamp market scale of 2.9 billion yuan. 2017, the global led filament lamp market is expected to reach 5.66 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 95%. With the improvement of the standard production degree of the filament lamp, the market demand will continue to expand. Ggii expects the 2017-2020 global led filament lamp market to grow at a combined annual rate of up to 47.7%.

Due to the continuous progress of technology, the gradual formation of large-scale effects and the corresponding equipment innovation, LED filament lamps more and more "fire", more and more businesses and consumers are willing to take the initiative to contact and deep understanding of the filament lamp. According to the senior engineer led observation, since last year many chip manufacturers and packaging manufacturers have tried water filament light source. In addition, Philips, Osram and other international giants are actively seeking domestic excellent filament lamp OEM manufacturers. All kinds of indications, 2017 led filament lamp market competition will be more intense, 2017 will also become the LED filament lamp market development "key year".

Hot market prospects, coupled with domestic policy guidance, in the face of the LED filament lamp This "big cake", domestic led packaging manufacturers hung Li Zhi Resolute homeopathy, at home and abroad professional lighting exhibition on the full implementation of LED filament products, and won a better market reputation.

Repeated attempts to solve the LED filament heat dissipation and luminescence problems

In fact, the LED filament lamp seems to be born every time, but actually a façade, there are many criticisms. Because the LED filament lamp enters the market time relatively late, it is like the newborn "premature infant" all aspects are not very mature, the cost is high, the craft complex, the heat dissipation is difficult, the production capacity is low too many aspects also need to improve.

Hongli Group of Jiangxi led production base in Hong Li Photoelectric Executive vice President Zhang Mingwu said, "In view of the above problem, the Hong-li-Chi-hui in the field of led filament to do a sufficient preparation work." For example, the introduction of the industry's top technical personnel, increase professional domestic and foreign sales staff, to build Jiangxi Hongli production base, increase product line, pay attention to quality, always uphold the ' craftsman spirit ' concept to do products. ”

In less than a year, Manulife-Chi has launched a full range of lights/high current filament, flip-filament/direct-plug filament, flexible filament, integrated filament and other series of light source products, and successfully used in stage lights, filament lamps and other fields.

Of course, in the research and development of LED filament light source, the problem of heat dissipation, chip Blu-ray leakage, 360° uniformity, cost and price problems have brought great trouble to the research and development team of Hongli.

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"LED light mercerizing source both to meet the requirements of 360° uniform luminescence, but also to meet the requirements of heat dissipation, to meet both aspects of the requirements in fact there is a contradiction. Because meet the 360° luminous uniformity requirements of the choice of solid crystal materials need to be able to light, so the need to use transparent solid crystal plastic materials, but transparent solid crystal plastic material heat dissipation performance and not as white solid crystal gum material, this need to find a balance point. In response to this problem, the Hongli research and development team spent one months on continuous testing, during the trial of more than 10 kinds of materials, and finally made a breakthrough. Zhang Mingwu told the senior engineer led.

In addition, Hong-li-Hui's LED lamp mercerizing source products as subversive products, and the traditional LED lamp structure is completely different, but also has high luminous efficiency, long life, less heat, good performance, no aperture, no dark area, no glare, color index high advantage.

It is understood that Hong Li Chi-Hui special attention to the development of LED filament products, has been patented a number of products.

Although the introduction of LED filament products market soon, but has been recognized by many lighting manufacturers. Among them, the industry, a company executive evaluation, "Hong Li-chi Research and Development technology team strong, manufacturing scale, can be in the subdivision of the field full performance, large-scale manufacturing advantages." ”

Large-scale manufacturing, focus on building Jiangxi Hongli production Base

According to market research, the current average retail price of a 3W led filament lamp is about 28-30 yuan, this price is far higher than the same power LED bulb lamp and other lighting products, is more than the same power led incandescent lamps several times, so, many consumers are led by the price of the filament lamp to scare back.

In other words, although the LED filament lamp market prospects are very bright, but at this stage the market penetration rate is not very high, promotion also has a certain degree of difficulty.

In this respect, Zhang Mingwu put forward, "LED filament light efficiency 10 times times more than incandescent lamp, and save 10 times times power consumption, so we are full of confidence in the LED filament lamp market." At present, we are focusing on building Jiangxi Hongli production base, through large-scale manufacturing to reduce production costs, improve product cost-effective. ”

It is understood that South America and the Middle East this year, the filament lamp market capacity will be greatly increased, especially in the Middle East market compared to 80% last year, which will bring more market opportunities for domestic enterprises.

"Less consumption of electricity, more than one point of green." We will actively seize the market new opportunities, pay attention to product development, development of intelligent manufacturing, so that led good products better and faster integration into the market, so that the Hongli photoelectric and the team more professional service customers "Zhang Mingwu last mentioned.