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2018 China Yangzhou Outdoor lighting and LED lighting exhibition

Sep 19, 2017

7th China (Yangzhou) Outdoor Lighting & LED Lighting Cisie, 2018

Time: March 2018 28, 30th location: Yangzhou International Exhibition Center

Invitation Letter

Organizer: Beijing Reed Exhibitions North Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer: Yangzhou International Trade Promotion Committee

Support Unit: Yangzhou Yangzhou Science and Technology Bureau

Jiangsu Province Semiconductor Lighting Industry Technology Alliance

China Municipal Engineering Association Urban Road Lighting Professional Committee

Invited units: China Semiconductor Industry Association

Taiwan LED Lighting Industry Alliance 

Exhibition Introduction:

With the rapid development of the global economy, LED lamp with its high efficiency and energy saving and environmental protection of the powerful advantages of rapid occupation of the market, China is in the period of rapid urbanization, with the increase in the level of LED street lamp acceptance and energy saving emission reduction, change the pressure of economic growth mode, governments are planning to 2014 China led outdoor functional Lighting market scale reached 14.7 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 22%. 2020 China's LED lighting market share is expected to increase by 60%. China LED outdoor lighting industry is faced with unprecedented policy opportunities, beyond the expected technology upgrade space and huge market potential, with a very broad prospects for development! Yangzhou Outdoor lighting exhibition for enterprises to expand the market provides a convenient, powerful promotion of LED outdoor lighting in the field of communication and cooperation.

Previous review

The last exhibition was held in March 2017 28-30th at Yangzhou International Exhibition Center, exhibiting an area of over 16,000 square meters. The exhibition exhibited a new product and new technology developed by domestic and foreign enterprises in recent years, bringing together nearly 300 well-known enterprises from home and abroad. Famous enterprises such as: Taiwan Ming Wei, Infineon, star-hui lighting, Ningbo match-resistant photoelectric, Shanghai Puer, China Traffic, Philips, modern lighting, Jiangsu Fu Wei, Mao Shuo Power, Jiangsu Huafu, Jiangsu Oulit, Taiwan, and so on.

According to statistics, a professional audience of more than 20,000 people, most of the audience from the street lamp industry, research institutions, government departments, distributors and so on. The fair effect of the exhibition has been praised by the exhibitors, 90% of the customers said to continue to participate in the next exhibition. Yangzhou TV, Yangzhou daily newspaper, Baidu, Sina, Yahoo, more than 100 media depth reports. The organizing committee to the national 3,742 counties and above cities City Authority, street lighting management, municipal engineering units, lighting landscape companies, developers, agents, invited to visit the procurement. Exhibition highlights, buyers fruitful. We believe that your participation is more exciting!

Exhibition Time:

March 2018 26-27th Opening Ceremony: March 28, 2018 9:30

Trade Show: March 2018 28, 30th, March 30, 2018 14:00

Exhibition Venue: Yangzhou International Exhibition Center

Show content

Outdoor Lighting: Square lighting, public lighting, commercial lighting, professional lighting, decorative lighting, building floodlight lighting, gymnasium lighting, landscape lighting, guardrail lights, wall lights, fiber-optic lights, moisture-proof lamps, explosion-proof lamps; 

Lighting and Lighting: road lighting, courtyard and landscape lights, solar lamps, indoor decorative lamps, flashlights, construction lamps, industrial lamps, projection lights, electrodeless lamps, embedded lights, marine lights, special lamps, underwater lamps, emergency lighting; 

City Light: Landscape lighting, light engineering technology equipment, intelligent control and distribution system, location laser technology products; 

LED lighting: LED indoor/outdoor lighting (fluorescent, bulb lights, spotlights, line lights, street lamps, etc.), high-power LED lighting, LED display, monochrome, dual-color display, module modules, traffic lights, drive and control systems; 

LED packaging manufacturing equipment and testing equipment: Dispensing machine, solid crystal machine, welding wire machine, color separation/spectrophotometer, spectrum detector, cutting foot machine, moistureproof cabinets, purification equipment and automated production equipment; 

LED Packaging: epitaxy and chip, packaging technology, packaging glue, diodes, SMD led, high-power led, digital tube, lattice module, silicone, aluminum substrate, stent, IC, capacitor resistors, led/oled other applications and technology; 

Energy-saving Lamps Series products: High-power searchlight, t5/t8/t10l, wall lamp, metal halide lamp, Spiral series, etc. 

Electric Light source Products: new ordinary lighting bulbs, halogen tungsten bulbs, energy-saving bulbs, fluorescent lamps, lamps, all kinds of radiation sources, etc. 

Professional lighting and ancillary equipment: neon, stage, film, TV lighting, dimming control equipment and all kinds of light control devices; 

Lighting appliances supporting components, spare parts: electronic components, switches, terminals, optical products, radiators, wire and cable 

Ballast, trigger, transformer, control box, insulating material, lamp rod, lamp arm, lampshade, lamp plate, lamp holder, lampholders, etc. 

Special materials for lighting electrical products: fluorescent powder, electronic powder, quartz tube, glass tube (shell), electrical grade materials, tungsten wire, etc.