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How to decorate the house to choose LED spotlights?

Sep 20, 2017

"Huxing small, the use of complex fancy chandeliers easily in the visual pull down high." "The beautiful European chandeliers are difficult to clean and manage," said the trouble. "" The ceiling lamp illumination is not enough, does the evening work to have to add the lamp "... All along, the newspaper reporter received about the chandelier, ceiling lamp vomit groove abound.

In this respect, the designers suggest: "May as well put the home living room, the dining room, the aisle, the hall illumination to the spotlights, the electricity, easy to clean, easy to take care of, good maintenance, long life, brightness is enough." Clever use of spotlights, will find it than chandeliers, ceiling lamps, such as a single light source more advantages. ” 

Spotlights can completely replace the chandelier, ceiling lamp

In many family's old-fashioned decoration, the spotlights are only the ceiling lamp or the chandelier auxiliary light source, the glare, the high temperature, the reflection, belongs to the no material use adornment. "This is a lot of owners of the light of the cognitive misunderstanding, there are some old-fashioned decoration spotlights did not deal with the optical parts, causing users to worry." But at present many families use the modern design the spotlights completely replaces the chandelier, the ceiling lamp, this has gradually become the tidal current. ”

Spotlights light directional strong, no lighting dead corners, light downward, the ceiling hidden in the dark, can be raised in the visual height. The reporter sees in the home store, the luminous angle of the spotlights (beam angle) also has many choices, there are 15, 30, 45, 60, light beam angle is small, will show the effect of concentrating, concentrating on hard, suitable to illuminate specific items, such as home collection of ornaments, and 120, 180 of the choice, the beam angle is large, will appear astigmatism effect, Astigmatism is soft and mainly used for illumination.

Philips Lighting Sales staff told reporters: "If reasonable collocation, use, a group of spotlights can replace the traditional chandeliers, ceiling lamp lighting, low prices, good results." ”

How to pick the right spotlights

The common light is not led lamp. Compared with the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lamp photoelectric conversion rate higher, the same brightness under the LED lights more power. According to the measured data show that the power consumption of LED lights only energy-saving lamps 1/3-1/4, compared to the incandescent light consumption higher. Using LED lights, you can also design a lot of beautiful styling. In LED lights, there is a cob lamp, not only in the process than the traditional lamp is more improved, the most critical is the use of experience has a great improvement, near look, the bulb does not have a clear glare photoelectric, but the light uniformity, no ghosting.

In the selection of spotlights, consumers need to personally experience, whether there is a glare after the light phenomenon. Industry insiders said that the light point of strong, optical refraction may have a glare into the eyes, long time to use the glare, dizziness. If the luminaire manufacturer is well disposed of in the optical part, the glare is completely avoidable.

In addition, poor quality LED lights, blue light filtration is not easy to damage eyesight, and high-quality brand lighting will be marked product parameters, including color temperature, luminous flux (brightness), color index, luminous angle, these are very important indicators to facilitate consumers to buy.

In addition to LED lights, traditional spotlights can also be used halogen lamp, which is once-old decoration in the mainstream lighting products, light-emitting principle similar to the incandescent lamp, in the older owners of a high degree of awareness. This kind of lamp color is good, the price is cheap, the market still receives many consumer's approbation.

Many methods of installation of spotlights

The installation method of the spotlights is various, and the different functional areas in the room are suitable for different installation methods.

Ming mounted spotlights, that is, the ceiling can be installed spotlights, entrance hall entrance, the bathroom corridor at the top, the table above, more suitable for installation of light installed.

The dark mount hangs the lamp is the spotlights the line to install in the ceiling, from the outside look, the spotlights directly inlaid in the chandelier, this method is suitable installs in the living room, the esthetic degree is higher. Hua You Decorative Water circuit Construction Master Wang said: "Before the ceiling is always 10 centimeters thick, eat a large part of the height, many families are hesitant to do the ceiling." But now the ceiling of LED spotlights can be very thin, 5-7 cm can achieve pure spotlights lighting use. As a result, young owners are more receptive to the installation of the spotlights. ”

But it is necessary to note that the living room ceiling after the dark mounted spotlights, the need to ensure uniform distribution, so that every corner of the room is illuminated, and not like ceiling lamps, chandeliers, the room has dim corners.

Philips spotlights sales staff told reporters: "If it is 10 square meters of living room, 6-8 spotlights enough to be able to shine full room." If it is more than 20 square meters of the living room, according to the size of the living room to set the number of spotlights and position, can achieve satisfactory lighting effect. ”

If you do not intend to ceiling, in the living room to install spotlights can choose the track spotlights, the track can be conductive, the lamp cap buckle to the track can be illuminated, lamp position can be arbitrary on the lamp track changes, to facilitate the future of the lamp, the removal of lights, changing lights. This kind of track spotlights fit the living room and the dining room, as well as table, bar, desk and other areas requiring additional focus on lighting, installation, along the gypsum line to the wall on both sides of the arrangement of a conductive track, not only can play a lighting role, but also can illuminate the tea table, edge several, wall edge of plants, decorations and so on. In a functional area walk a zigzag track, lighting no Dead end. installation, need to be in advance in the water and electricity transformation to keep good wire position, and all spotlights installation position need to be set in advance, convenient for future construction.

If the old room living room modified spotlights, you can directly replace the ceiling lamp or chandelier. installation, the original pendant lamp at the interface with a base-type multi-lamp spotlights, you can completely replace. Spotlights can be inserted directly on the original ceiling lamp, the number of lamp caps can be adjusted according to the lighting needs. If it is in the old bedroom modified spotlights, remember that the lamp holder directly to the bedside or the end of the bed, through reflection to illuminate the space, so that the light is not dazzling.