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Bluetooth Mesh Wireless connection assists lighting industry

Sep 20, 2017

Cable-deployed lighting infrastructure has long provided reliability, even in the near term, and is still not comparable to wireless networks. Although the installation of cable network still has other benefits, but many of today's wireless platforms appear for the lighting industry more possibilities, especially to support the Bluetooth mesh network solutions, not only provide greater development flexibility and scalability, but also both low-cost characteristics. 

Comparison between Wired and wireless 

The advances in wireless connectivity have made it difficult for developers to choose a wired infrastructure when choosing a reasonable solution. Although wired networks still provide good reliable communication quality, the cost of installing materials and manpower is much higher than wireless solutions. In addition to the higher installation costs, there is a high probability that the day-to-day operation must be suspended when deploying or upgrading a wired system, especially in a highly active commercial or industrial environment. The installation of wireless networks not only significantly saves costs, but also minimizes the likelihood of disruption to operations. 

In addition, the wired network is part of the building infrastructure and it is not easy to extend its functionality. Wired network upgrades usually require the installation of new components to improve their performance and, in some cases, the need to replace the entire system in a time consuming effort. Wireless platforms are easier to install and upgrade, providing the flexibility you need to quickly respond to changing business needs. 

Commercial lighting and Bluetooth technology 

The wireless platform, which supports the Bluetooth mesh network, allows systems such as lighting to be added to their main uses, adding additional features, maximizing the overall value of the programme, and ensuring a higher rate of return on investment. Blue-Tooth Technology Alliance (Bluetooth SIG) Technology project manager Martin Woolley said: "In some situations, it may be necessary to integrate the lighting system with the various sensors in the building, which can be implemented through a wired system, However, a separate control device is usually required to orchestrate the sensor and lighting behavior. Now, the wireless solution based on Bluetooth mesh can be used to solve this problem, especially for commercial lighting systems.  

The Bluetooth mesh mesh network is a full stack solution designed for commercial lighting applications and provides specific functions for wireless lighting platforms. The recent Gizmodo UK article in James O Malley outlines six factors that will have a significant impact on Bluetooth mesh, and discusses the versatility of the Bluetooth mesh network in lighting applications. Malley explains: "If you're in a home or workplace, each bulb has Bluetooth, which does not mean you can only enjoy the smart lighting application, in fact, you are more likely to have a Bluetooth network that covers the entire building, in which all Bluetooth devices can communicate with each other.  

In addition to supporting common lighting requirements, the Bluetooth mesh network also includes fully integrated, non illuminating functions such as sensors. In Woolley's technical article, the Bluetooth mesh network: Paving the way for intelligent lighting, he cites the use of Bluetooth beacon to help visitors find their place in the building through apps on their smartphone. Alternatively, the lighting system can also collect a series of data from the building sensor to make it available for information analysis and immediate use.

 Woolley said: "The Bluetooth mesh lighting system provides more interesting and potentially great opportunities to install wireless networks for buildings through system installation and to create decentralized platforms for other wireless building services (distributed platform)." Like lighting devices and switches can be a microcontroller with Bluetooth mesh network communication function and control what these devices can do software. and through software upgrades and new, so that the new application function can exist in the lighting system.  

Solutions Designed for lighting 

Bluetooth Mesh Mesh Network specification provides innovative wireless solutions for commercial lighting. It provides the equivalent of the reliability of the wired system while having the responsiveness, scalability, and scalability of the wireless solution. Silvair CEO Rafal Han said: "Bluetooth mesh mesh network is the most stable and the most powerful Low-power wireless technology, designed for the commercial environment of the lighting device to connect the technical standards."  

Low-power Bluetooth with multi-factory licensing interoperability, low-power and low latency, you can get a full range of lighting systems, but also can be used as a decentralized wireless architecture services industrial platform. This also greatly improves operational efficiency and the flexibility to create a network infrastructure to accommodate changing business needs.