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Discussion on commercialization of microled small screen

Sep 22, 2017

When it comes to the commercialization of the small screen, I guess everyone immediately thought of Apple Watch, for Apple Watch use microled, according to Ledinside understand, whether academia's domestic microled representative Liu Jinjun Dr. or financial big Hemmogan and other foreign investment institutions are optimistic about microled in this product application. Apple watch itself to the PPI requirements are currently likely to apply microled of all products in the lowest, in addition, microled can also be very good to solve the current watch itself needs to be constantly charging, outdoor visual pain point problems.

Commercial products are determined, how long will it take to commercialize, and the current forecast is up to 2019 years. According to Ledinside understanding, at present, in the LED chip, to meet the watches of the LED size technology is not difficult, small batches of production can be achieved, the driving side of the silicon is not a difficult problem, the difficulty is a huge transfer, because the size of the watch is not small, the commercial products in the last two years to launch the market

But in the actual production of small screen testing, repair, consistency problems, but it is a difficult, because microled can not be divided into bin, we are temporarily using quantum dots solution to solve the problem of consistency, from the product structure, this solution is certainly not the ultimate solution, Can only be said to be the current more feasible commercial solution, and now see the fix the problem of the solution is more for the big screen, for the small screen is applicable, online June follow-up will continue to discuss. 

In fact, the commercialization of small screen watch, industry chain theme is led, transfer, panel, semiconductor, terminal applications.

At present, the market is the industrial chain two (chip and application) to promote the strength of the middle (panel, transfer, etc.) is difficult, especially in the transfer. But the link between the LED and the panel is a large cross-border, mutual do not understand the need to running-in too much, this is also a big problem. In addition, the focus of the global Panel has shifted to the mainland, but the mainland panel manufacturers are not involved, although the rumors of Samsung acquisition of the Nigerian, but did not disclose substantial progress, the entire commercial development of the small screen in Taiwan and Taiwan's Apple Longtan Laboratory.

So some people say that microled is Taiwan's panel industry wishful thinking, this also has its reasons for conclusion. Online June think, microled is a problem can solve the current display of technology, so the technology itself, is not wishful thinking, but the upgrading of technology optimization, as for the industrialization of the problem is not only looking at the technology itself, need to promote the market.

Whether microled will rise, online June still think that the mainland is its "sweet point of origin", LED, LCD has been verified, perhaps this is also the mainland panel enterprises are not too eager to large layout reasons.