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China LED street lights into a smooth growth stage, the overseas market into a growth momentum

Sep 23, 2017

With the LED chip and driving power technology upgrading, plagued by LED street lights of the heat, light decay, power supply and other problems have been resolved, at the same time the continued rapid decline in prices to enhance the cost-effective LED street lamps. 

The domestic LED street lamp gradually replaces the traditional street lamp to become the new Installation street lamp main force, simultaneously the intelligent control characteristic of the street lamp strengthens the LED street lamp product superiority. In the context of energy saving and emission reduction, LED street lamp penetration rate gradually increased. 

LED Research Institute (GGII) research data show that the benefit of the domestic led market collective warming, 2016 China LED Street lamp market size reached 9.46 billion, year-on-year growth of 15.4%, as of the end of 2017, the domestic LED street lamp penetration rate of nearly 40%. 

At present, the Chinese government subsidy weakens, and the coastal developed area Street lamp transformation is nearing the end, the Chinese LED Street lamp transformation will enter the benign steady growth stage, but the overseas market gradually began to become the future growth impetus. 

Overseas market will be led street lamp future growth main power 

Recently, Sushil Kumar Modi, the chief deputy Minister of Indian Bart, said that as part of the National Street Plan (SLNP), to conserve electricity, it would soon install led streetlights in all the state's municipal companies and urban local institutions. In addition, the Government has more emphasis on the use of LED lamps instead of traditional bulbs, used in street lamps, because it can save 9 billion degrees of electricity nationwide. 

Sushil Kumar Modi added that "energy Efficiency Services Limited" (EESL), as a joint venture of the public sector Power company, will soon start installing new LED streetlights in the state. According to a survey conducted by Eesl at the Biharsharif municipality, the installation of LED streetlights will save the city's annual 131 million rupees (about 13.4 million yuan) annually. ” 

In addition, in July this year, Chicago plans to replace 250,000 intelligent LED street lamps in America's largest wisdom street plan. Ameresco, the renewable energy company, will work with the IoT programme supplier, silver Spring networks, to convert about 85% of Chicago's existing streetlights into intelligent led streetlights, in a 4-year infrastructure modernisation program. 

The Multi-Stage infrastructure modernisation program will begin in the summer of 2017, according to the Smart Cities World Report. The new LED street lamp estimation can be compared with the existing street lamp province 50~75%. 

Silver Spring's IPV6 platform can control the switch streetlights remotely according to the actual demand, also can carry on the initiative maintenance from the long-distance monitoring, the street lamp fault also can quicken the maintenance. 

Mike Bell, a Silver spring executive, said Chicago's street-lamp renovation plan would be one of the biggest modernisation plans to date in the US. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's commitment to the latest IoT technology to improve people's living standards is inspiring, and hopes to see this plan will lay the groundwork for future smart city applications. 

In recent years, in the globalization process has deepened and countries vigorously promote the LED product-related policies driven, domestic led enterprises "go out" wind and wind. The large-scale replacement of LED streetlights in India and Chicago is certainly not a good opportunity for Chinese LED lighting companies. 

Intelligent lighting into the future direction of LED street lamp development 

Nowadays, the city of Hui is probing into the stage of real construction, with the acceleration of the intelligent city construction and the wide application of the new generation of information technology, such as the Internet of things and cloud computing, the development of Intelligent Street lamp will usher in a fast developing opportunity. Ggii predicted that by 2020, China's led Smart Street market penetration rate will be raised to about 40%. 

"LED lighting has now become a standard alternative to traditional street lighting in most of the world's cities, and intelligent control has become more widespread and gradually deployed with LED lighting," said Yang Yanhui, head of marketing director for Zhongke sources. Many cities around the world are likely to replace existing streetlights with new and more efficient LED lighting equipment in the longer-term process, and the intelligent control of LED street light access can improve 15% energy efficiency on the existing 60% energy-saving basis, and the intelligent control can realize on-demand illumination, Able to integrate the existing street lamp resources management Building network platform, through the network of street lights to manage manhole covers, garbage cans, monitoring, billboards and so on, intelligent lighting is the future direction of the development of LED street lamps. ” 

It is understood that Philips lighting since 2014 launched the Citytouch Intelligent interconnected road lighting system, has been in Los Angeles, Jakarta, Indonesia and other major cities around the world successfully used, the system is to promote the construction of global smart cities, one of the important measures. 

2017, Philips Lighting in the Chinese market again launched Citytouch Flex Intelligent Interconnection Road lighting system. The system takes the street lamp as the thing network access port, may connect the city emergency system, the traffic signal management system, the security surveillance system, the passenger flow, the traffic flow, the weather detection system and so on each kind of Wisdom City application, the omni-directional support Wisdom City operation. 

Philips Lighting Greater China Professional channel general manager Xiang Diming said confidently, "with the Philips Citytouch Flex in China's successive landing, we will further promote China's intelligent city construction, in addition to street lighting, Philips Lighting will also use their own in the construction, office, industry, hotels, Business and so on the field of intelligent lighting advantages, so that more people enjoy more comfortable, intelligent, convenient and safe city life. ”

 Generally speaking, with the popularization of intelligent interconnection lighting, street lamps no longer only have lighting function, but also will build intelligent City application Ecological Circle, help city operation and maintenance, not only in energy saving and emission reduction has significant effect, but also can reduce crime rate, ensure traffic safety and even promote economic development.

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