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Led in lighting, disinfection, display the application of the five black technology!

Sep 23, 2017

Ordinary led, which is ubiquitous in daily life, has new innovations. What do you know about LEDs? Five led Black technology, perhaps beyond your imagination. 

1, the country's first led mask special-shaped display

 In Zhuji Jiangzhou This small township, the birth of the world's first led mask special-shaped display! The orders of many countries are coming! This display is 3 meters high, 1.9-meter wide, composed of 23 sides, 75 modules to do seamless splicing, composed of an LED display face. From the point of view, it will appear more vivid and more stereo. 

This led Facebook display has two national patented technologies. As a small audience of high-end products, the advent of a customer favor. The Hollywood star Club in Los Angeles has been fitted with a Jiangzhou mask led, and the Spanish Barcelona, Okinawa, Germany, Munich, Dubai and other cities have ' tasted fresh '. 

2, can use a lifetime of light bulbs: It is said to work full brightness 40 years 

Jake Dyson, the son of the British inventor and industrial designer Dyson (James Dyson), invented a 40-year-old led bulb that could be the smartest, cheapest and greenest lamp ever invented by mankind. 

杰克·戴森 founded the Jake Dyson Lighting Company in 2004 and is now a subsidiary of the Dyson brand. The company only sells two lamps: one is the floor lamp and the lamp csys, the other is the ceiling lamp cu-beam. These two lamps are LED lights, according to Dyson introduced, they do not appear in the work of overheating phenomenon, can be used for a lifetime. 

Dyson said: "Our csys lights and Cu-beam lamps are equipped with a heat conduction tube, which can transmit the heat emitted from the LED light to the room." This will help prevent the lamp from overheating, so as to prevent the lamp from overheating and damage. ”

 Because they are not damaged by overheating, they are said to work 40 years in full brightness. And even after working for 40 years, they will not be scrapped immediately, they can still work, but the brightness may only be about 70% of the original brightness. 

3, brighter than 1 billion times times the surface of the sun, "extremely bright" light bulb 

The Independent reports that the team of scientists at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln (University of Nebraska-lincoln), is planning to produce one of the world's brightest bulbs, It emits more than 1 billion times times the intensity of the sun's surface, an incredibly bright light cannon, which researchers believe can be used as a new type of X-ray to produce a clearer picture of a higher resolution than the traditional one.

The Extreme Light Laboratory, a light bulb that emits nearly thousands of photons, is many times more than a traditional light bulb. 

The light emitted by this very high light bulb can help the human eye to see more details of the object, effectively helping health care workers, engineers and various scientific experts in practical applications to improve safety at work. 

Traditionally, an electron emits only one photon at a time, but this "very bright research lab" (Extreme Light Laboratory) develops a light bulb that emits nearly thousands of photons, which means that the brightness of a traditional bulb can be increased by a few thousand times. 

4, play 30 minutes, power supply 3 hours 

Jessica, an African-American girl who grew up in the United States, was a kind-hearted, compassionate, poor man, and he invented a football-soccket for the children in the dark. The idea was a marvel to US President Barack Obama after he saw it.

In appearance, this product is no different from ordinary football, but it can generate electricity, even when a rechargeable treasure. Of course, actually the power-generating soccer is a lamp designed by Jessica for African children. In fact, nearly 1.3 billion people around the world are unable to secure reliable and stable electricity, accounting for almost one-fifth of the world's population. Use the soccket to kick 30 minutes to generate electricity, can supply 6 watts of LED lights for 3 hours! 

5, in the pocket of the LED disinfection artifact 

We all know that ultraviolet light is commonly used in our indoor disinfection devices, but it is usually fixed in the ceiling, can not carry, but everything is not so fixed.

This portable disinfection lamp, named Cleanty. It looks like disinfectant spray, but it is actually a portable ultraviolet led disinfection lamp. 

Cleanty disinfection Lamp, completely broke the ultraviolet light disinfection lamp difficult to carry problems. In daily life, you can disinfect your own commonly used items, such as mobile phones, headphones, shoes, cups, toothbrushes, razors and other miscellaneous items. When you go out or travel, the small and convenient function, also can put it in the pocket, disinfection is safer.

Cleanty disinfection lamp, in 5 Seconds of time can kill 90% of bacteria, 10 seconds sterilization rate is reached 99.9%. Its endurance is also very strong, a single charge can meet the 1 months of use requirements.

Cleanty disinfection lamp, at the same time to meet the disinfection, but also intimate at the top set a flash, so that you do not have to take out the phone can also be in the dark environment to obtain illumination, use more secure, also more convenient.