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Kangming Health lamp, comparable to natural light

Sep 23, 2017

"originally 0.5, 0.4 of eyesight, now all two hundred or three hundred degrees of myopia." "A woman with a pair of children to the hospital to do vision examination, said that their children because of long time in the dark light to do homework, playing computer, the eyes can not bear, began to see the words on the blackboard, small nose also framed a large frame."

More and more students in primary school when the glasses "kidnapped", may be to the junior high school glasses, the degree of soaring to 400, 500 degrees, no exaggeration to say, take the glasses are in a half blind state.

It is the wish of all parents, and the heavy schoolwork burden has made many students my into the night. The children's new semester arrived, and the evening homework can not be separated from the lighting, the average family's demand for health light is also rising abruptly.

Simulated natural light, health lamp fine Need

About 2/3 of the world's people live in light pollution, according to a US survey. Moreover, in many countries, the light pollution of man-made light is also increasing every year. Germany, for example, grew 6% a year, with Italy and Japan growing by 10% and 12% a year.

"I know the importance of a lamp, and instead of sending children the latest electronic products, I would rather send them a real health care lamp." "From the network lighting leading brand Kangming of the technical department explained that the students in the heavy homework is often playing computer rewards, and in order to see clearly the word on the computer, students have opened the glare mode, and finally one day the eyes can not withstand pressure and myopia.

"Scientific lighting without stroboscopic, after using the eyes not tired", "no blue, 0 stroboscopic, close to the natural light", recently is not often see such advertising slogans, which also means that the learning type, eye-protection lamp also began to enter the people's eyes.

"Nature, the sun is the best dimmer." The head of the technical department said that natural light is the most friendly to people's eyes, so the best choice for a home lamp is to simulate a healthy lamp with natural daylight. In addition, teens are advised to reduce exposure to electronic products such as tablets and mobile phones that emit blue light.

Improve eye fatigue, away from three light pollution

Stroboscopic refers to the electric light flux to a certain frequency of fluctuations, giving the impression of the image in the blink of a long exposure in this environment will cause headaches and eye fatigue, the cause of photosensitive epilepsy, the loss of vision and distraction.

Glare, is to see the light thorn not dazzling. Glare light refers to the visual field because of the unsuitable brightness distribution, or the extreme brightness contrast in space or time, which causes visual discomfort and reduces the visibility of the object, simply to see the light thorn is not dazzling. Uncomfortable light source, may cause disgust, discomfort or even loss of visibility, glare is also a cause of visual fatigue one of the important reasons.

Blue light is more than a certain proportion of harm. Blu-ray is a high-energy visible light, can penetrate the cornea and lens directly, direct to the macular region, accelerate the oxidation of macular cells, chemical damage to the retina, blue light on the children's retina more serious damage. The damage is mainly manifested in the eye pathology and human rhythm of myopia, cataract and macular disease.

Adjust the most suitable brightness, choose stepless dimming lamp

In the purchase of lamps, for this large series of optical professional data, no instrument parents can only stare, the intensity of the light only by feeling judge. Of course, in fact, the choice of illuminance can be simplified, the first choice of high and brightness adjust the position of more than the lamp, so that you can adjust the brightness of the comfort of their eyes.

Now, the simple multiple stalls can not meet the consumer, many manufacturers began to develop their own "stepless dimming" table lamp. "Stepless dimming" refers to a continuous variable, not a jump or a profile of the dimming mode. That is, users do not need to use stalls, as long as the touch switch can be smooth custom brightness.

The stepless dimming light of a luminaire is relative to the distribution of the gear. The changing process of the shift dimming is instantaneous, there is no change process, it can be very bright from the very dark, and the circuit voltage mutation is larger, the main circuit of the major impact; and the stepless modulation light through the IC to control the circuit changes, the change is smooth, continuous, has the entire current change process, on the main circuit small impact.

In the past two years, Kangming lamp complied with the design trend, all the brightness adjustment of the product is updated to "stepless dimming." In addition, Kangming lamp products are mostly inherited Kangming "mobile, emergency" gene, which is the most representative charge lamp. During the frequent blackouts in the summer, the Kangming charge lamp became a necessary emergency standby for many families.

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