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LED enterprises flooded into the LED line lamp market, the truth is ...

Sep 25, 2017

For each enterprise focusing on the single product field, it is their unremitting pursuit to become the "single product Champion" in this field. Some of them have become the veritable "one-product champions", and others in the "Single product Champions" on the road to forge ahead.

LED Line light as a new category not only fashionable and generous, easy to install, can be widely used in home space, office lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting and other environments, to build a perfect lighting effect. "Linear lighting is now the development direction of the lighting industry, is a completely can be used to replace office lighting products." "Le Photoelectric market director Li Xiaoxia said.

Point-like light source era, the shape of the lamp is very limited, and LED technology to liberate the lamp shape, the metal lamp frame and the height of the light integration. However, with the development of the market, different consumer demand is not the same, fixed-shaped lamps can not meet the personalized needs of consumers. In such a background, LED line light is on its way. Bu Cheng, CTO of Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd., said, "The line light is the next 3 years, a new category in office lighting." ”

Linear light, based on the simple line light, through the creative design of space and free division, the construction of a variety of fashion simple modelling and lighting effects, highlighting the ultimate beauty of linear lighting, future market prospects.

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A large number of manufacturers follow suit, line lamp type "flood"

In the past two years, with the popularity of line lights, more and more lighting manufacturers to participate in it. Recently several large and small exhibitions, the line light Pavilion with its personalized attracted a lot of eyeballs. In this respect, Shenzhen three-stable photoelectric technology Co., Ltd. General manager Shier Wave to the high engineering led said, "line light market has not started, more and more manufacturers cut in because we do not have good products to do, some manufacturers just follow the bandwagon!"

Li Xiaoxia also thinks: "Some enterprises will blindly expand, for example, see the panel lamp market is good, open the production line of the Panel lamp; see the linear light market is good, but also to open linear lamp production line, but the final quality of products will become a problem. Enterprises only study the market, understand the market demand, adhere to the enterprise's own professional, based on their own professional conditions for the market demand for improvement and expansion can continue to develop. ”

Because of the influx of a large number of manufacturers, the variety of line lights are more and more. At present, the entire lighting industry interior line light style is quite rich, has surpassed $number style. But these line light structure is basically similar, 95% of the product structure using "aluminum squeeze + extruded lampshade" structure, the lampshade is often not universal, which causes the overall cost of the lamp is high, the light transmittance is mostly about 85%, the optical loss is larger, the difference is only weight, size and surface technology; the other 5% of the product structure uses "aluminum Squeeze + Lens module" "Structure, this kind of structure control light more accurate, the glare effect is good, but the lamp body length is not flexible, does not follow the project request to customize."

In fact, the application of the scene can be refined. We really don't need that many styles! " Bu Cheng said, "The number of line lamp manufacturers is considerable, but 90% of them are still using the idea of circulation products to do customers." The result is that we have to repeat the price war of light source products. Another 10% of the manufacturers will be two extremes, one is to do in the high-end office lamp manufacturers, with the line light to add category, not sensitive to the price, the service and quality is very sensitive, shipments are also good; another category is the emerging professional do line lamp small factory, focus on stealth channels, if the product once used, the continuous order is considerable. ”

Line lamp market did not break out, manufacturers need to "ruthless kung Fu"

The line lamp market did not enter the outbreak stage. According to Shire introduction, the current domestic line lamp market is still in the initial stage. "Now find three stable photoelectric take line lamp sample many customers, but a large number of orders will be relatively small. "Shire Introduction," mainly by the line lamp price and foreign overall economic situation, foreign markets compared to the domestic market less volume. ”

Although the market is relatively cold, and more manufacturers have behaved exceptionally positive, which is very important for manufacturers to survive the test. With such as Sidon, music, the United States, Japan, photoelectric and other manufacturers cut in, small and medium-sized enterprises have been the impact of unprecedented. In the increasingly grim market situation, how do SMEs survive and develop?

In this regard, Shire told the senior engineer led, "I think still want to go product differentiation, do some personalized products." These products do not have a large quantity, manufacturers can not form standardization, while other small factories do not necessarily do. Of course, the focus is still cost-effective. Three stability photoelectric the biggest advantage lies behind a strong aluminum factory as a backing, in the material price and quality assurance is unmatched by other manufacturers. ”

Bu Cheng believes that the line lamp is not unique, it is not a necessity, belonging to personalized consumer goods. Can be very easy to use the tube lights, spotlights, guides to replace the lamp, enterprises want to make achievements, must be in the "installation, splicing, control of light, controls" and so on, in the line lamp downgraded to the time of the distribution of goods before the completion of the brand building.