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Creators want photoelectric silently work led market, small positioning big future!

Sep 28, 2017

From the future years of industry pattern development, in the capacity of the arms race intensified, raw materials prices "crazy rise" premise, led leading enterprises will be stronger. and led industry leading enterprises compared to small and medium-sized enterprises to expand production capacity is relatively insufficient, coupled with the price of raw materials, small and medium-sized enterprises survive a fatal impact.

In the multiple market competition squeeze, there is such a small enterprise step-by-step tight encirclement, from the initial 20,000 to do now 200 million yuan, this led enterprise is Shenzhen creators want photoelectric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "creators want to Photoelectric").


Chong Want photoelectric was founded in 2002, is the world's leading manufacturer of LED research and development, production, sales and service in one of the national High-tech enterprises. For more than more than 10 years, we have always adhered to thinking, creating, breaking and surpassing as the core idea, and now we have self-developed technology of light source encapsulation technology and application product development.

Today, the creation of photoelectric products to cover LED components, star hotel lighting, home lighting, commercial lighting, engineering applications, such as series of lighting field.

Small market, big future-low voltage light band

LED light strips, LED lighting is one of the most common product types in China's export products, with a crimp, can be cut or extension, insulation and waterproof, strong weather resistance, not easy to rupture, the use of long life and other characteristics and advantages, easy to produce graphics, text and other modelling, has been widely used in buildings, bridges, roads, Gardens, courtyards, floors, ceilings, furniture, automobiles, ponds, underwater, advertising, signs, logos and other decorative and lighting fields.

In recent years, with LED light strips, light strips are widely used in the field of decoration and lighting, foreign Christmas decorations, buildings, courtyards, advertising and other decorative or lighting to its demand is very large, its export scale is rising, basically maintained in the top five export ranking range.

Gen Photoelectric general manager Zhang Bing said, "At the time we decided to layout low voltage light market is out of consideration for the market, when most businesses are selling 220V high voltage light band, but after all, 220V still has a greater security risks, and the market has been saturated, low voltage safety light with its characteristics is" low-carbon, environmental protection, safety ", The theme of "Low-carbon Energy saving" in line with national response. ”

Low-voltage lamp with light strips as a photoelectric products, mainly divided into led soft lights and LED hard lights, product voltage mainly 3v/5v/9v/12v/24v/36v, etc., product models are mainly smd5050/3528/5730/2835/3014/4014 and so on. Its greatest advantage is safety, the elderly and children are safe to touch.

Based on the rich product category and unique advantages, in the past two years, the creators want to photoelectric Low-voltage light strip product sales have achieved remarkable results, its low voltage lamp led in the electricity sales have surpassed domestic lighting manufacturers.

According to Zhang Bing, "as early as in 2011, the days of the cat selling LED lights are mostly 220V above the high-pressure products, basically no one to sell low-voltage lamp, aiming at this market gap, we quickly layout, the day cat flagship store from the initial monthly turnover of 20,000 yuan to more than 1 million per month, It took less than a year to fill the market gap. ”

Small positioning, large market-customization

With the increasingly fierce competition led market, domestic led manufacturers gradually go to subdivide the road, led products from single to diversification, personalized transformation. In order to stand out in the competition and win more market share, many led enterprises have started to launch some customized, personalized products, services and solutions, etc., in order to be more outstanding.

Creators want photoelectric as a small and medium-sized enterprises, can successfully break through, take the customization route is one of the factors.

The so-called "customization" of production, is based on the specific needs of customers, for its design and production of personalized products and services, or even solutions, which not only can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also to greatly improve the product and brand differentiation degree, for enterprises to bring a series of competitive advantage.

Until now, Chong think photoelectric has successfully completed the Shenzhen North Station phantom Lights, the world's window Staircase lights, Singapore National Day performance clothing lights, CCTV Spring Festival Evening Show in Harbin, ice dance performance clothing lights, Pullman Fujian Hotel, Vienna hotels, Hilton International Garden Hotel, Dongguan Wal-Mart, Beijing Gucci Stores, Wanda Cinema and other projects.


"In fact, every project we do is customized by our customers." Zhang Bing said.

In addition, the creators want to photoelectric lamp strip has passed CE, ROHS, GMC, TUV, and other domestic and foreign product qualification certification, favored by domestic and foreign market customers. At present, creators want to photoelectric LED lighting products in Germany, Panama, Japan, Korea and other markets have been applied.

Small business, big dream--the direction of development

As we all know, SME financing and risk-resisting ability is low, product homogeneity phenomenon is serious, lack of competitiveness. In the continued macroeconomic downward trend, combined with last year's general price increase in raw materials, suppliers unwilling to lend and other adverse factors, some small and medium-sized enterprises will be difficult to cross the threshold.

Creators want photoelectric as a small and medium-sized enterprises can smooth breakout, relying on is its excellent quality and good service. Zhang Bing said, "The customer is God, the user is our food and clothing parents, creates wants photoelectricity to insist all from the user angle consideration question." ”


Although the creators want to photoelectric in-service personnel only 96, but still able to provide customers with quality service quality and perfect after-sale protection, showing small businesses, large energy strength.

For the world, to create the light. In this cottage rampant market environment, creators want to photoelectric can always adhere to the integrity, quality assurance, is undoubtedly the industry within a clear stream.