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National Day Big Flower Basket first use LED cold light projection at night

Sep 28, 2017

Ground flowers use cold light for the first time 

Recently, Tiananmen Square flower bed in the daytime has been exposed "true." Last night, as the light debugging ended, the "big flower basket" and other national Day flower beds were illuminated at night. What is the difference between the nightscape lighting and previous years? The city flowers and plants related to the person responsible for the introduction, in addition to the "Big flower basket", the ground flowers also increased the LED cold light source illumination projection, makes the overall shape more standard, the display effect is better. At the same time, the flower bed peripheral lighting replaced a new light source, higher brightness, making "big flower basket" night lighting effect better. 

All styles in Tiananmen Square were used for the first time in 2016 to fully utilize laser projection technology. Flower beds are also installed around the adjustable transformation of the lantern, the night effect is more abundant. This year, as the technology matures, the above-mentioned person will continue to use the mature technology in previous years, large flower baskets and their baskets on the "Bless the Motherland" and other words will be more stereo in the light. 

Earlier, the reporter learned that during the national Day, Tiananmen Square center flower beds Still "Bless the Motherland" giant basket. Related to the person responsible for the introduction, large baskets to flower fruit basket as the main scene, the basket is placed in persimmon, pomegranate, apple and so on. The top of the basket is 17 meters high, the basket height is 15.3 meters, the bottom adopts heart-shaped pattern, the diameter is 50 meters, the south side of the basket is written "Bless Motherland, 1949-2017", the north Side wrote "Welcomes 19 big". 

In addition, 12 styles, 18 flower balls and 5000 square meters of flower belts were arranged on both sides of Tiananmen Square. Night, will also use the lighting changes, rich night lighting effect. 

October all landscape lighting opened two times 

October, Beijing Nightscape Lighting will be opened two times according to the major festival level. According to municipal Urban Management Committee, from September 30 to October 8, every day from 18 o'clock to 24 o'clock, the city's landscape lighting facilities according to major holiday standards opened. At the same time, October 15 to the party's 19 major closing day, every day 17:30 to 24 o'clock, the city's landscape lighting facilities according to major holiday standards opened. 

It is understood that the Beijing landscape lighting level on weekdays, festivals, major festivals three grades. Major festival levels enable the highest level of landscape lighting, which means that the city's landscape lighting is all open.

 At present, the districts are in the area of the main building lighting layout debugging, overhaul. Previously, "Chang ' an Street landscape lighting program", the main building along Changan street lighting standards, such as lighting brightness, color and so on. For example, Tiananmen Square tower buildings, Tiananmen Square lighting brightness will be higher, highlighting the main building, and the red wall on both sides of the lighting brightness will be appropriately lowered, play the role of foil. 

In addition to night lighting, Changan Street and its extension line (five pine to four-Hui Bridge) from the east to the Xidan section (except Tiananmen Square), the Great Hall of the West Road will be hoisted 258 red lanterns, Fuxing door to Xidan section, east to the founding of the gate section of 256 Chinese knot lighting. Changan Street Hung Red Lantern, Chinese knot began in 2014 Spring Festival.