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Samsung Electronics launches two new enhanced CSP LED products

Sep 28, 2017

Samsung Electronics recently launched two new enhanced CSP (chip-level packaging devices) LED products: lm101b (1W-level power LED) and lh231b (5w-class high-power LED). These two new products adopt the enhanced CSP technology, which brings more excellent light efficiency and reliability for lighting applications such as spotlights and high canopy lamps.

The lm101b and lh231b package is based on Samsung's Advanced micro-structure-enhanced CSP (FILLET-ENHANCED-CSP, FEC) technology that forms a ring of TiO2 white walls on the surface of the chip, reflecting the light to the top and acting like an EMC bracket in a traditional LED.

The new device uses FEC design to provide higher light efficiency than previous generations of CSP products. A more focused beam angle helps to eliminate the interference between neighboring devices, allowing the new devices to be more tightly arranged, providing greater design flexibility for lamp designers. 

"FEC LED products represent a series of Samsung advanced LED device solutions, applicable to $number lm-10000 LM and other lighting design applications." "Samsung will continue to innovate and strive to promote the wide application of CSP technology in the mainstream lighting market and provide more high performance and lower cost LED devices for more lighting manufacturers," said Jacob Tarn, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics LED business. ”

LM101B: 1W Power FEC

LM101B is currently on the market in the power CSP LED light efficiency of the highest products, can reach 200lm/w (Ra80 5000K, 65mA, 25?) C). In addition, LM101B has low resistance (2k/w) and high reliability (0. 5w, 105? C, l90>50000 hours) and other features, specifically for the spotlights and high light, such as the need for high luminous efficiency, Long-life lighting application optimization design.

LH231B: 5w High-Power FEC

The working current of the lh231b is 2A (the highest power is 6W), the optical effect can reach $number lm (Ra70 5000K, 700mA, 85?) C), comparable to the traditional ceramic-based high-power LED, in the brightness requirements of 5,000 to ten, $number LM high shed lamp application can bring excellent cost advantage. Based on the Samsung FEC structure, the 120-degree beam angle makes lh231b suitable for other outdoor lighting applications, such as road lighting and car park lighting.

Samsung Brand new lm101b, lh231b products further improve the original high-power CSP LED product line, is now mass production, welcome inquiries.