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The relationship between IPhone8 and LED screen!

Oct 09, 2017

Whether it is the first time to use OLED, full screen appearance, or close to the price, all make the topic of the full. But to say the most attention, it must be the face recognition unlock function. It is reported that this function replaces the previous fingerprint unlock function, so Iphonex removed the home button, direct use of the retina comprehensive screen, so it is logical to use face recognition unlock function. But, the brain hole big open net friend but thought may appear the following situation--

But it seems to be really something that is likely to happen. From the online spread of the real machine assessment video to see, no matter who gets your mobile phone, as long as the face can unlock the success of the lock, so security may be open to discussion.

Q: Face recognition is more suitable for LED screen?

Although face recognition technology used to unlock the good or bad is still controversial, but the technology for the LED screen seems to be more love and hate intertwined. Media reports, recently Nanchang traffic police set up a "pedestrian red light face recognition system", red light people will be placed on the LED screen, and at the same time to bask in their personal information, traffic police said this measure to improve the situation of disorderly running red light has obvious effect, probably be publicized out of the pedestrian, the taste of the heart is not so good. In fact, this is not face recognition technology for the first time with the LED display, and used for traffic violations warning, Shenyang also has a traffic police also set up such a project to urge pedestrians to obey the traffic rules.

In addition to traffic, in the field of advertising, LED display and face recognition of the concept of human imagination. If the people in the bustling business circle, through the face recognition system, can analyze the gender of different times, and even age data, I believe can help advertisers accurate advertising, to maximize the ideal promotional effect. Moreover, the present indoor intelligent Shopping Guide, Self-Service service System application is more and more widespread, if the system can recognize the face, when the customer comes forward to greet, according to the sex and age recommended products, or can improve the utilization rate of such equipment, reduce the number of staff.

It is reported that the research data show that the 2017 infrared LED and infrared laser components in the iris and face recognition applications of the market size will reach 145 million U.S. dollars (equivalent to RMB 998 million yuan), to 2025 will be up to 827 million U.S. dollars (equivalent to about 5.69 billion yuan), 2017-2025-year composite growth rate of up to 24%. Thus, face recognition will be the focus of the development of AI in the next few years, and LED display will continue in this direction.

Q: What will appear in the future LED screen intelligent function?

Just like the spring breeze, in recent years, artificial intelligence began to blossom, infiltration of the entire electronic products field, in addition to face recognition system, AR/VR, sensing, open-hole 3D is now the new trend of electronic products development, if no accident, LED display will be to improve the value-added, catering to the future market demand key points.

More than a variety of intelligent technology, at present, the domestic open-hole 3DLED display can be counted as more mature products, although the current market has not yet, but in the game and 3D film, such as "visual economy" market capitalisation of the stimulus, the naked eye 3D products are widely favored. In addition, Samsung LED display in the theater in the use, but also to the LED display to develop the field of screen application has brought some hope, if really successful promotion, open-hole 3D product market size will be more substantial. Just imagine, if you can enjoy a wonderful blockbuster without 3D glasses, how many people would like to wear glasses?

And AR, VR and other virtual technology in the LED display industry has set off a new wind, many enterprises actively join the layout, although there is still no product out, but I believe that the industry will not relax in the virtual technology follow-up. As the entertainment industry and immersive experience flourished, virtual technology in the game, education and other fields will only increase the use of, and small spacing LED display successfully "into the door", and in the area of the big screen to win a territory, its and AR, VR technology combined with the development of concern, in many optimistic, It is believed that such products will be developed in the near future. 

The application of sensor technology in LED display is a big breakthrough recently. In the past two years the rise of interactive led floor tile screen, the use of pressure sensing technology, can achieve human-screen interaction, rapid in the field of dance stand firm heel. Compared with the traditional tile screen has already been set up to show the content, the screen can change with the performer and more attractive to the eye, and the scene is full of science and technology to meet the audience's taste.

Q: How to Layout ai?

According to statistics, the total number of patents in the global AI has more than 130,000, and since 2011 began to cross the inflection point, showing a blowout growth trend, while China's computer vision patents have accounted for the current global number of patents in half, accounting for up to 55%. Under such a trend, want to follow the world technology development, LED display industry layout AI will also be necessary, but based on research and development funds will be very high, I am afraid that the domestic only bat three giants, as well as Huawei and other emphasis on science and technology, financial strength of the company has enough strength to carry out research

For LED display enterprises, in the artificial intelligence technology can not compete with the science and technology giants, but should focus on the current technology, the actual use of the scene needs, applied to the display. such as the Smart car park, in the current city of the explosion in the number of cars, how to scientifically park a large number of cars has become a big problem, and Smart car park will be able to greatly help ease the problem of parking, which the role of LED display or will be one of the hot spots, and such as smart home, how to improve the quality of life is an eternal topic, Smart home will continue to be popular in the future, and as the indoor close-up display of the "new", small spacing LED display can no doubt "fuss."

Although the current AI has not been widely used, but its tuyere has been opened, such as drops, the United States, today's headlines and other enterprises have been using artificial intelligence technology for their own development. LED display industry is also following the trend, so led screen enterprises should seize the opportunity, head-on, in this round of technological innovation to achieve a qualitative leap.